“To simplify the hyperlink between sickness and work”

“To simplify the hyperlink between sickness and work”

The Marseilles: What does this new ANSES report change? ?

Christiane de Felice: ANSES’s skilled evaluation considers that the causal hyperlinks between publicity to asbestos and ovarian and laryngeal cancers are actually confirmed. This hyperlink had already been acknowledged for ten years by the Worldwide Company for Analysis on Most cancers (IARC) linked to the UN. It stays for the Ministry of Well being to now report the inclusion of those cancers within the new tables of occupational illnesses. This is able to facilitate the compensation of sufferers, with the creation of a “presumption of origin” for the cancers involved.

What difficulties do victims face?

CdF: Right this moment, victims row particularly as a result of they must show themselves the hyperlink between most cancers and their work. Additionally there are nonetheless too few medical doctors, confronted with sure pathologies, who elevate the query of the skilled profession. There may be additionally an issue of under-declaration: whereas we’re in a pool of jobs the place staff are uncovered to main carcinogens, we estimate that one out of two declarations is just not made.

What different levers are you advancing for higher recognition of occupational illnesses? ?

CdF: On the one hand, we wish the Social Safety to have extra attentive companies and have in mind the work pathology hyperlink extra simply. Second, when the pathology is taken into consideration, Social Safety ought to present data to those victims by asking them to make an inexcusable fault with their employer. If we get it and we have had loads within the space, then the employers pay. The crux of the issue is there.

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