the viking, the knight and the development cone unmasked

the viking, the knight and the development cone unmasked



The character of the knight unmasked in “Masks Singer” on TF1 on September 20, 2022.

TELEVISION – For this fifth prime time of the fourth season of Singer Masks on TF1, this Tuesday, September 20, three new characters revealed their id, every week after the unmasking of Christelle Chollet and Francis Huster.

Within the costume of the Viking, it’s… Francis Huster who appeared in broad daylight. Already unmasked within the pharaoh’s costume final week, the actor returned to the present for an investigator function for a night.

Among the many clues revealed to permit the jury made up of Kev Adams, Vitaa, Chantal Ladesou and Jeff Panacloc to establish him: “ Right here I’m once more beneath a masks, it has been a very long time! » ; “The stage, the TV, I do know” ; or, “I could possibly enlighten the jury about my expertise”.

The viking, aka Francis Huster, sang Let’s dance the twist once more from Chubby Checker this Tuesday evening.

The second persona of the night unmasked, within the costume of the development cone, was the husband of Chantal Ladesou – who’s a part of the jury -, Michel Ansault. This one was current for the joke.

The third persona who then revealed his true id, within the costume of the knight, was Laurent Maistret, who received Koh Lanta in 2014.

In an try to search out out, the jury and the viewers had, amongst different issues, these clues: Have you ever ever seen me in undress, and even much less » ; “I do know what it is prefer to see these we love essentially the most undergo and each time I see a verify exit for an affiliation, it cracks my armor” ; or, “ you might be Warriors”.

The knight, alias Laurent Maistret, notably carried out a duet with the character of the bride bye Bye of Menelik and Medina Koné.

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