the final message to Queen Elizabeth II

the final message to Queen Elizabeth II

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Queen Elizabeth II was laid to relaxation Monday night at Windsor Citadel, within the George VI memorial in St George’s Chapel, the royal household stated in an announcement.

“Could flights of Angels sing thee to thy relaxation”, which could possibly be translated as “Let the angels sing your relaxation”. That is the final message despatched to Queen Elizabeth II by the royal household after a historic day of funeral.

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It’s an expression taken from the play “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare – extra exactly from scene 2 of act 5, when Horatio pays homage to the prince of Denmark -, incessantly utilized in England and that Charles III gave him -even had quoted final September 11, throughout his first main speech as king.

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For the little story within the large story and maybe it owes nothing to probability: these are additionally the phrases of the elegant “Tune for Athene” by John Tavener, a chunk well-known to lovers of the cinema of Terrence Malick and which had been performed… at Girl Diana’s funeral, the proof in footage.

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