Replace on the vaccination of the kid traveler and…

Replace on the vaccination of the kid traveler and…

tick-borne encephalitis Ticovac® little one 1 yr to fifteen years 3 doses: D0, M1-M3, M5-M12 after D2
3-dose accelerated routine: 0, D14, M5-M12 after D2 3 years after D3, then each 5 years Ticovac® grownup ≥ 16 years outdated Encepur® ≥ 12 years outdated 3 doses: D0, M1-M3, M9-M12 after D2
3-dose accelerated routine: D0, D7, D21 3 years after D3 after typical routine or 12 to 18 months after D3 if accelerated scheme, then each 5 years between 12 and 49 years Interchangeability: sure, besides accelerated scheme Japanese encephalitis Ixiaro® ≥ 2 months* 2 sockets: J0, J28 12-24 months after D2, (12 months if constantly uncovered to danger) *1/2 dose from 2 months to three years
Interchangeability: completely with the JEEV vaccine (Organic E Ltd) produced in India
No long-term safety information Yellow fever Stamaril®

≥ 9 months
(≥ 6 months*)

1 scoop

2e beneficial dose: (1) within the occasion of recent publicity to the chance from the age of 6 if 1earlier than dose earlier than the age of two years, (2) if the preliminary vaccination dates again greater than 10 years (2.a) within the occasion of a keep in a rustic the place the lively circulation of the virus is reported or (2.b) in HIV-infected or immunocompromised folks with no contraindication to vaccination (Desk 2)

* ≥ 6 months if epidemic in progress or rural or forest keep
Deadline for the MMR vaccine.
Notify in a CVI Hepatitis A Havrix 720® 1 yr – 15 years

1 scoop

M6 to M12, as much as 5 years after D1

Avaxim 80® M6 to M36, as much as 7 years after D1 Havrix 1440® ≥ 16 years outdated M6 to M12, as much as 5 years after D1 Avaxim 160® M6 to M12, as much as 36 months after D1 Twinrix® grownup 3 doses: D0, M1, M6 No reminder Tyavax® (see Typhoid) Interchangeability : sure for monovalent hepatitis A vaccines
In topics ≥ 16 years outdated not vaccinated towards hepatitis B, select the Twinrix® vaccine.
If safety towards typhoid fever can also be fascinating through the booster, the Tyavax® vaccine can ideally be used between M6-M12 and as much as 36 months after the 1time hepatitis A dose Meningitis A, C, W, Y Nimenrix® ≥ 6 weeks at 6M 2 doses spaced 2 months aside

Main vaccination accomplished between 6 weeks to 12 months: booster from the age of 12 months, no less than 2 months after the final dose
Age ≥ 12M and first vaccination accomplished: booster each 5 years if publicity to danger persists

≥ 6 months 1 scoop Menquadfi® ≥ 12 months 1 scoop Knowledge concerning the necessity for a booster dose, or the related delay, usually are not obtainable. Menveo® ≥ 2 years 1 scoop Each 5 years if publicity to danger persists Interchangeability : if recall after the age of two years
Respect a interval of 1 month between vaccines towards meningitis A, C, W, Y and Neisvac® or Menjugate® vaccines
For pilgrimage: notify in a CVI (Period of administrative validity: 5 years) Rage Rabies vaccine Pasteur® strolling age 3 doses: D0, D7, D21 or D28
Shortened 2-dose routine (WHO):D0, D7 (Per session: 0.1 ml ID in 2 websites or, 1 dose IM) None Rabipur® Interchangeability: sure
The shortened OMS routine is off-label.If indication of post-exposure prophylaxis AND full major vaccination documented (journey with proof of vaccination): native remedy of the wound AND booster vaccination (1 IM dose on D0 and D3 or 4 ID doses of 0.1 mL in 4 websites on D0 completely with the Rabies Vaccine Pasteur®) AND no use of immunoglobulins Typhoid Typhim VI® ≥ 2 years 1 scoop New dose(s): Each 3 years if publicity to danger is maintained Tyavax® ≥ 16 years outdated 1 scoop Hepatitis A: M6 to M12, as much as 36 months after 1time dose with monovalent hepatitis A vaccine
Hepatitis A and typhoid: 36 months after 1time dose with Tyavax® Efficacy for typhoid: 50-65% with safety for 3 years Poliomyelitis Minimal age: ≥ 2 months
In all instances, it appears constant to contraindicate the keep within the absence of a whole major vaccination schedule accomplished no less than 4 weeks earlier than departure.
– Keep of lower than 4 weeks in one of many nations contaminated by the polio virus:The touring little one should meet the suggestions of the French vaccination schedule. Incomplete poliomyelitis vaccinations should be accomplished no less than 3 weeks earlier than departure.
Relying on the historical past of vaccination and the age of the kid, a mixed hexa- (DTCPHib HepB), penta- (DTCPHib) or tetravalent (DTCP or dTcP) vaccine will likely be administered.

– Keep of greater than 4 weeks or expatriation in one of many nations contaminated by polio viruses

. keep of lower than 12 months: a reminder will likely be given earlier than departure, ideally 4 weeks earlier than departure;

. keep of multiple yr: a booster will likely be administered within the nation of keep, greater than 4 weeks (immunization interval) and fewer than 12 months earlier than return.

A non-combined trivalent inactivated polio vaccine (Imovax Polio®) can be utilized in youngsters updated with their vaccination towards diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough.
In youngsters not updated (catch-up vaccination or vaccination schedule in progress): mixed hexa- (DTCPHib HepB), penta- (DTCPHib) or tetravalent (DTCP or dTcP) vaccine relying on earlier vaccination and age.
It’s endorsed that these polio vaccine boosters be talked about on the WHO Worldwide Vaccination Certificates.

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