Julie de Bona seized with panic assaults: this phobia which makes her job very sophisticated

Julie de Bona seized with panic assaults: this phobia which makes her job very sophisticated

Julie de Bona is featured in The home reversenew mini-series from M6 broadcast this Tuesday, September 20, 2022. She embodies Eve as a pair with Yanis, performed by Marc Ruchmann, the good-looking child from To plan coronary heart. The lovers, dad and mom of a child, land in a suburban space after which meet one other couple, performed by Caterina Murino and Thierry Neuvic. A promising new cleaning soap opera after The Fighters for Julie de Bona who generally struggles to beat her worry throughout filming…

The gorgeous blonde had entrusted to Purepeople.com have scared to loss of life of wasps ! From the second she sees one, she is now not in command of her actions. “I do not handleconfided the younger lady. Apart from, I do not shoot in the summertime… no, I am kidding. However I actually have an aspi-venom in my bag. It is a phobia, it might’t be defined. My little sister has all the time been there to kick wasps out, poor factor. She by no means obtained stung to save lots of me so it is nonetheless an enormous win.“This worry additionally comes from the truth that Julie de Bona is allergic to this insect. If a wasp stings her, she swells as a lot as doable!

Past the sting she dreads, it’s the unpredictable and abrupt actions in addition to the incessant buzzing of the wasps that frighten her. And she will be able to’t ignore this phobia, even in the midst of filming. “As soon as I shot a scene, for the valley of lies, about ten years in the past, in the midst of summer season within the south in a cemeteryshe had stated. And I instructed the director that I had wasp phobia. However it was sophisticated throughout the entire scene. I hate being instructed to not transfer. That so long as you do not transfer she will not assault you. However I it isn’t cheap. I transfer, I am scared ! So unattainable to make a sequence if there’s a wasp subsequent to it.”

Frank confidences. So, let the productions that have been about to supply a task to Julie de Bona be warned: ideally filming in winter to keep away from any drama!

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