“Everybody had let me down”: Delphine Wespiser indignant, she settles her accounts with the columnists in TPMP

“Everybody had let me down”: Delphine Wespiser indignant, she settles her accounts with the columnists in TPMP

It’s this Wednesday, September 21, 2022 that was celebrated the day of peace. On this event, Cyril Hanouna – conscious of the tensions across the desk of TPMPtried to make his columnists reconcile to keep away from new clashes and awkward conditions on the set of his present.

Delphine Wespiser at conflict with the chroniclers of TPMP

Sadly, this initiative didn’t solely have comfortable endings. If Beatrice_Rosen and Géraldine Maillet have buried the hatchet on their facet and even kissed one another, Delphine Wespiser didn’t wish to flip the web page on what she considers to be a betrayal.

Bear in mind, in the course of the presidential election, the ex-Miss France had been dropped by her comrades following her assist for Marine Le Pen. Whereas his remarks had brought on controversy, the members of TPMP had most well-liked to distance themselves from the unhealthy buzz fairly than defend it. A sidelining that she had very badly skilled on the time, evidenced by her many rants within the press.

Gilles Verdez apologizes, the columnist refuses them

And clearly, Delphine Wespiser has a cussed grudge. This Wednesday, Gilles Verdez nonetheless tried to apologize by admitting that he may have been extra current. “I attempted to assist you and also you mentioned to me in the future ‘Whenever you spoke, your physique language betrayed you, you did not appear to consider what you have been saying’he initially recalled, earlier than specifying, “Nicely I am sorry, I wasn’t clear sufficient, Delphine, you had the advantage of taking clear, robust positions, I should not have been by your facet anymore, now I will be with you“.

Sadly for her ego, already turned the wrong way up after the slap the day earlier than, the columnist confided that she was not able to forgive the crew. After revealing that she was nonetheless traumatized by this case, “This era, I attempted to overlook it, I roughly succeeded. Gilles you raise and also you revive recollections in me“, Delphine Wespiser didn’t conceal that her disappointment was nonetheless robust, “everybody left me“, which at present prevents him from advancing. “I consider I gave an interview that mentioned ‘When you’ve gotten colleagues like that, you do not want enemies’. So merely for this era and to all…“, she swung, waving a black flag, synonymous with refusal to ease tensions.

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