Conflict in Ukraine: she denounces Russian propaganda, YouTube removes 60 movies from her

Conflict in Ukraine: she denounces Russian propaganda, YouTube removes 60 movies from her

She denounces the propaganda on Russian tv by sharing the photographs. However the platforms “stupidly” obey a constitution. Explanations.

Russian invasion in Ukraine236th day. For the reason that begin of the battleon February 24, it’s tough to differentiate the true from the false. Whether or not within the Russian or Ukrainian media, for that matter. Propaganda counter propaganda, the Kremlin wage a fierce battle in opposition to the messages of Volodymyr Zelenskyrelayed all through the world, the Ukrainian President benefiting from the assist of the worldwide group.

The Russian technique is straightforward: reduce entry to overseas photographs and saturate the state media with pro-Cheese fries. Veritable propaganda factories that maintain the inhabitants mobilized behind its military and his authorities.

60 movies

With a purpose to see extra clearly on this stoop, sentinels have revealed themselves on social networks. Julie Davis is one in every of them. The Impartial commonly resumes its analyzes or the sequences of movies captured on Russian tv that it shares on Twitter. For the one and solely function of denouncing the absurdity of the speeches held there.

Nonetheless, social networks and streaming platforms even have a constitution. All of a sudden, 60 movies of Russian state media printed on the YouTube account Russian media monitor by Julia Davis have been deleted, for supposedly “violated the foundations of the group”. What she additionally deplores on Twitter. Streaming platforms don’t but have a second diploma.

To take a look at @Youtube shield Russian propagandists. They deleted 60 of my movies this morning. For many who most well-liked to look at and share my movies from there, sorry. Attempt watching as quickly as I submit, as YouTube might delete, to guard the Kremlin’s picture.

— Julia Davis (@JuliaDavisNews) October 17, 2022

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