Which contestants had been eradicated within the October 13 episode?

Which contestants had been eradicated within the October 13 episode?

On October 14, a thunderclap in The Fifty on W9. Two candidates left the sport, bringing tears to half the fortress.

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A departure that marks a turning level within the journey. On October 14, greater than a month after the launch of Fifty on W9, the solid of the new confinement actuality present misplaced greater than half of its workforce. After the elimination of Vivi final week, but additionally Ambre, Liam, Marine El Himer and even Nicolo, the alliances have continued to accentuate within the fortress of Chaumont-en-Vexin. On the one hand, the Marseillais and the Remainder of the world, with Maëva Ghennam and Julien Bert on the helm, and on the opposite, the alliance of women, composed of Jessy Errero, Charlotte Mint or Mélanie Dedigama. Nevertheless, the tenth problem of the lion, whose identification we nonetheless have no idea, as soon as once more sowed discord within the group… On October 13, Greg, Maeva, Mélanie Dedigama and Vivian had been nominated: the worst configuration for successful gamers.

“It is anonymous carnage”

“I am unable to vote, it is inconceivable”, reacts Julien Bert, determined to have to decide on between one in all his 4 mates. As well as, as indicated by the lion, inflicting the amazement of the gamers, two candidates can be eradicated on the finish of the votes. “It is an unnamed carnage, what is definite is that this ceremony would be the worst of the journey”, regrets Simon Castaldi, earlier than validating his vote in settlement with Kamila and Noré. “We weren’t ready” the latter reacts. As soon as the 4 nominees return, Cynthia, Aurélie and even Amélie Neten, burst into tears. “I see everybody crying, I hope nobody from our alliance has betrayed us”, feedback Maeva, shocked.

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Two emblematic candidates eradicated

“With 14 votes out of 16, the primary participant to be saved is Maëva”, proclaims the lion. And announce: “The primary participant to be eradicated with 4 out of 16 votes is… Greg.” Instantly, Maëva Ghennam throws herself on her Marseille sidekick: “No! Who did this? I do not care, I am giving him my place, I am not staying right here!”, she stated bursting into tears. Within the gallery of the victorious gamers, it’s complete amazement, apart from Marwa, who made the selection to not vote for her ex-companion, Greg. “It may be onerous to take…”, she says within the confessional. “The second participant to be eradicated is the participant… Viviane“, proclaims the lion. It’s subsequently Mélanie Dedigama and Maëva Ghennam who return to the fortress. For Julien Bert, Vivian’s finest pal, it is a shock: “My journey will not be the identical, I am disgusted.”

The Fifty: which candidates were eliminated in the October 13 episode?

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