the Salafist mosque in Obernai closed / CNEWS

the Salafist mosque in Obernai closed / CNEWS

Gérald Darmanin introduced on Thursday the closure of the Salafist mosque in Obernai (Bas-Rhin), “whose imam advocated radical Islamism and separatist habits in his sermons”. A shutdown that ought to final six months.

Gérald Darmanin welcomed this Thursday on Twitter the closure of the Obernai mosque (Bas-Rhin), pronounced by the prefecture on his instruction. The Minister of the Inside indicated that the imam of this Muslim place of worship “advocated in his sermons radical Islamism and separatist habits”.

The Obernai mosque thus constituted a spot facilitating the dissemination of a radical ideology, with an apparent hostility in direction of French society, the proliferation of provocative remarks and hostile to republican values, whereas encouraging the trustworthy on this radical imaginative and prescient, had beforehand authorities mentioned.

The closure of the mosque is to final six months.

A disturbing imam

Additionally in keeping with this supply, the imam, who had joined this mosque in 2017, had been recognized to interact in radical proselytism within the Bas-Rhin for a dozen years.

Since his arrival, the authorities take into account that he has endeavored to unfold a Salafist Islam, carrying a retrograde conception of Islam, hostile to the West and to French society, whose values ​​he rejects, pushing thus to id withdrawal and separatism.

Legitimizing polygamy, he referred to as for discrimination in opposition to Jews, homosexuals and girls, in opposition to whom he additionally justified the violence of their husbands, particularly in instances of adultery, CNEWS had discovered.

He additionally legitimized using violence in opposition to cartoonists and welcomed the assaults, making conspiratorial remarks about them, declaring that they’re “orchestrated by the French state, Islamophobic”.

For the authorities, these phrases and actions are all of the extra critical for the reason that imam has a powerful affect with younger individuals who have transformed and radicalized below his affect, some having left France to check in Koranic faculties, in Egypt or Yemen.

Furthermore, none of those remarks and actions have ever been the topic of any condemnation or moderation on the a part of the president or vice-president of the affiliation managing this place of worship, or of its different members, who should subsequently be thought to be endorsing them.

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