Between Calais and Dunkirk – La Liberté

Between Calais and Dunkirk – La Liberté

Printed on 29.10.2022

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First shocked by the garbage that litters the cycle path, you then need to slalom between dozens of deserted procuring carts. For a number of kilometres, we go teams of younger males and some ladies with younger youngsters strolling unexpectedly.

In entrance of a hypermarket, at a free public transport cease in Dunkirk, dozens of migrants get off a bus. A gaggle flees to an deserted manufacturing facility. The promised England is reverse, 40 km away. You continue to need to cross the fences that encompass the ferry areas, conceal in a truck or, even worse, board an overloaded inflatable boat.

On the exit of town, a walker advises us to take the street, the wooden to cross being occupied by makeshift camps. We go automobiles with armed police wearing bulletproof vests. Disillusioned, they could destroy an inflatable boat and management a couple of folks. A helicopter circles the sky.

That morning, in The voice of the North, Freedom regional, there was an article on the trial of a smuggler who had simply acquired a yr in jail. Ought to we chortle or cry? We’re witnessing stay the failure of a system to which blind and deaf politicians are unable to supply options. Complete poverty-stricken youths are sacrificed on the altar of an outrageous globalist financial liberalism.

And we won’t assist however have a thought for the younger Russians and Ukrainians who’re allowed to kill one another. What a disgrace!

Herve Bourrier, Freiburg

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