when Blanche Gardin is on sale

when Blanche Gardin is on sale

Blanche Gardin at the 75th Cannes Film Festival. (Cannes, May 21, 2022). Getty Images

They share the poster of the film by Céline Devaux, Everybody loves Joan. Under cover of promoting the film, the actress kindly tackled her colleague on Facebook, with the scathing humor that we know.

At this rate, no one will like it anymore! In the promotional campaign for the film Everybody loves JoanBlanche Gardin has struck again. The French actress, humorist and screenwriter shares the poster for Céline Devaux’s first film with Laurent Lafitte, to whom she sent an indirect message. The comedy, in theaters September 7, tells the story of a young woman loved by everyone… except herself. “Everyone has always loved Jeanne. Today, she hates herself. Over-indebted, she has to go to Lisbon and put her mother’s apartment, who died a year earlier, up for sale. At the airport, she bumps into Jean, a whimsical and somewhat intrusive former high school friend,” details the synopsis.

In video, “Everyone loves Jeanne”, the trailer

“He doesn’t play badly”

And for the occasion, the actress uses her famous second degree to promote it. On her Facebook page, Sunday August 28, she split a spade at her filming sidekick. “I know that actors are expected to speak well of the film no matter what. But in this case I have to say that playing with Laurent Lafitte was particularly trying, she writes. Before adding: He does not play badly but he does not learn his text and slows everyone down. Nightmare. I say that in all benevolence, to also give him an opportunity to evolve.

More than 6000 reactions

And the least we can say is that the publication has reacted to Internet users. More than 6000 likes and nearly 400 comments. Several camps clash: the followers of black humor first of all who go so far as to go further in the same vein, lending other faults to the actor. “Of course he slept to get the role!”, “His agent told me about his absences, I think that at the theater, his last blower had a burn-out”. Some comments congratulate and encourage Blanche Gardin for “his courage”: “He wondered again yesterday if you had found him up to it, it’s great that you took the lead, relieving him of his doubts is a great gift.”

When you haven’t set foot in the French Academy and you come from the Jamel Comedy Club, it’s okay…

But everyone has obviously not grasped the second degree that the actress has shown, if that is the case. “I don’t know the context, but such outspokenness is rare!” ; or “If that’s your feeling ma’am, why not tell her to her face without displaying it to thousands of people. It would be constructive and less small”, argues the crew first degree. Others attack the actress outright on her career, comparing it to that of Laurent Lafitte. “When you haven’t set foot in the French Academy and you come from the Jamel Comedy Club, it’s average…”

Blanche Gardin refuses her decoration because of Macron’s broken promises

The comedian, of course, casts doubt on his intentions, but the communication operation seems to have succeeded. “Secondary degree… successful… In the end I will go see the film”, “So I have to go see the film to check” or even “Okay, I will go see the film to throw popcorn on the screen when it is to the image”, comment with irony certain aficionados.

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