VIDEO – Louis Laforge cured of cancer: “I had a tumor as big as a golf ball”

VIDEO – Louis Laforge cured of cancer: “I had a tumor as big as a golf ball”

Journalist Louis Laforge, who recently announced that he had overcome cancer, was a guest on the show It’s up to you from September 1. He returned to his long fight against the disease.

On August 27, journalist Louis Laforge surprised everyone by revealing on his Twitter account that he had overcome cancer: “A kidney, a canal of the ureter, a piece of small intestine and colon and above all one less cancer“. The journalist, passed by France 3 (Roots and wings), currently at France Infowas a guest on the show It’s up to youThursday, September 1, to talk about the disease. His strong testimony retraces his journey from the discovery of the disease to the removal of the tumor. Asked by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine about the reflexes to have for a quick diagnosis, the journalist shares his experience and gives advice: “I had a little discomfort, which became a little pain: I was consulted and that’s how the doctors saw that I had cancer. Do not underestimate the little pains.

Once the tumor is detected, which he describes “big as a golf ball”the journalist saw his life turn upside down and had to learn “to trust and let go of those who take care of you.” To illustrate this feeling, he drew a parallel with his job: “Because we do TV, we want to control everything, the schedule, the images, the time that passes, we are spoken to in the headset… But that’s when you go back to the hospital, you no longer control anything and you let yourself be done “.

Louis Laforge grateful towards the French health system

Very grateful to the nursing staff who accompanied him for a year, he pays tribute to them on the set: “We are lucky to be in a country where public hospital costs are borne by the community. We are well and very well cared for by very great professionals”he pointed out. Since the revelations about his illness, the journalist has garnered an outpouring of support from the public. His Twitter account gained 1,500 followers in 48 hours, and “my message has been seen over a million times, it’s crazy” he confided in an interview with HuffPost, Monday, August 29.

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Photo credits: Screen capture: France 5

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