Victoria Beckham in cold with Nicola Peltz: the tensions intensify, the malaise is total

Victoria Beckham in cold with Nicola Peltz: the tensions intensify, the malaise is total

The tension is at its peak between Victoria Beckham and her daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz, who said “yes” on April 9 to Brooklyn Beckham after a spectacular ceremony organized in Palm Beach, Florida. A marriage which would also be at the origin of the discomfort between the former star of the Spice Girls and the young bride. The latter has accused him for several weeks of stealing the show at her own wedding.

This Thursday, September 1, the Daily mail reported that the situation would have worsened when David Beckham’s wife decided to dance with her son to the romantic song “You Sang To Me” by Marc Anthony, a title which was originally dedicated to the couple. Nicola would then have left the ceremony prematurely. Other evidence of these tensions: Victoria allegedly refused to pay for Brooklyn’s green card (resident’s card) and also “snubbed” him and Nicola Peltz, for her new Paris Fashion Week show.

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A story of dress also hides under these tensions. In effect, By opting for a Valentino creation on the wedding day, and not for a dress from her mother-in-law who is also a fashion designer, Nicola Peltz would have set fire to the powder. “I was going and I really wanted to, but just a few months before the wedding, Victoria Beckham realized that her workshop would run out of time to design me a dress so I had to choose something else“, had then declared Brooklyn’s wife during an interview with Variety.

Except that this Thursday, a source assured the Daily Mail that the American actress had never intended to wear a dress from her mother-in-law’s brand. “She was going to let her design something but she was never going to wear this. She has too many really talented designer friends. It’s like when you have a brother-in-law who says he makes the best meatballs, and you hate meatballs but still let him cook them. That’s exactly what happened“, she confided. Nothing is going well between the two women…

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