Valais relies on advertising to counter staff shortage –

Valais relies on advertising to counter staff shortage –

Posters visible in the streets of Lausanne, Bern or Zurich invite passers-by to come and work in Valais. The cantonal promotion is indeed relying on advertising to counter the shortage of personnel. This strategy divides economic circles.

“The good life every day. More than 1500 jobs on”, “Here you are in the heart of nature, but close to everything” or “Here you find exciting jobs in sustainability”, so many slogans in text or video that Valais Wallis Promotion distributes or makes available to companies looking for labour.

“If we ask the Swiss how they know the Valais, it is through the beautiful nature, the beautiful landscape, the local products”, indicates Damian Constantin, the director of Valais Wallis Promotion in La Matinale de la RTS on Thursday. “It is rare that we are also assigned a territory where we can live and work well. It is this work that must be done, to show that in Valais there is not only skiing, hiking, cycling, but also interesting jobs.”

Nothing beats better wages

Director of the Valais Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vincent Riesen is won over. “That’s quite right. Today, the French-speaking people who come to settle in Valais are more senior citizens attracted by the quality of life and the tourist image. The canton has an industrial and also scientific base – with the branch of the EPFL in Sion. We therefore need today to change this image, to show the great potential for innovation and above all the potential for skilled labour”, affirms the manager.

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Except that the marketing campaign does not convey a modern enough message, nuance Thomas Birbaum, the secretary general of the Union of Independents. “We have the impression that these videos are first of all a campaign for tourism in Valais, and then, perhaps, you could come and work there. You have to remain factual: when you change canton, you take a rational decision, based on the cost of living, on the availability of nursery places, on salaries. It would be better to play on these factual images rather than show pretty landscapes”, he argues.

Pending profound changes, marketing will still have to demonstrate its ability to recruit, in a canton where the unemployment rate is 1.9%.

>> Details in La Matinale:

The canton of Valais relies on advertising to counter the staff shortage / La Matinale / 1 min. / today at 06:22

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