“Unique inquiry”. This present may make you chortle… or piss you off!.

“Unique inquiry”. This present may make you chortle… or piss you off!.

This Sunday at 11:10 p.m., the M6 ​​information journal determined to look into Swiss particularisms, with “Our wonderful Swiss neighbors”. In view of the trailer for the much less caricatural, one can legitimately ponder whether to chortle or cry.

A young shooter comes to do the compulsory military shooting at the Gryon shooting range, this Thursday, August 28, 2014. (KEYSTONE/Anthony Anex)
In response to the journalists of “Unique investigation”, in Switzerland, “from youngsters to retirees, everybody shoots”. (illustrative picture)


“They reside just a few kilometers from us, they usually converse the identical language and but they’re so totally different! From Geneva, Lausanne or Zurich, to the underside of rural valleys or in mountain villages, let your self be shocked by Switzerland!»

That is how the information journal “Unique Investigation” presents the topic programmed this Sunday night on M6. The place the shoe pinches is that the picture of our nation given within the trailer is just not probably the most flattering.

The trailer for the present “Unique Investigation”


If we’re not too removed from actuality by qualifying Switzerland as “the cleanest nation on this planet”, the end result is able to smile. From the chase within the streets of Lausanne, to see a citizen being fined “100 bullets” for spitting on the bottom, to the comparability with america in relation to the excessive variety of firearms within the Swiss households, the topic is clearly caricatural. In Switzerland, says the voice-over, “from youngsters to pensioners, everybody shoots”.

We then proceed with the interview of taking pictures fans, the presentation of our bunkers, “some dug into the mountains” and of our military, whose “non-professional” troopers are highlighted: “like this high-ranking worker distribution, on the controls of a tank of a number of million euros “…

“reductive imaginative and prescient”

On social networks, the reactions of the Swiss weren’t lengthy in coming. Like that of this Web consumer, who qualifies as “simplistic” the imaginative and prescient given within the extract. “I hope you clarify the rationale why the Swiss have so many weapons at dwelling,” she feedback.

“Oh pu* because it appears to be a focus of clichés of m* on Switzerland. Tcheu ct’group”, protests in a flowery approach one other member of the Twitter neighborhood.

It’s going to nonetheless be obligatory to attend till the published of the present to search out out if “Unique Investigation” has remained with clichés or if it has nuanced its catchy trailer.

To be found this night on M6 at 11:10 p.m., with a superb dose of distance and humor, as a result of as this different Web consumer concludes: usually a grain of fact.

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