Tv: why watch the surprising documentary “Buddhism: The legislation of silence” on Arte

Tv: why watch the surprising documentary “Buddhism: The legislation of silence” on Arte

Not solely is revealing the violence that plagues Buddhism uncommon, however additionally it is very sophisticated. The authors of the documentary clarify it to the JDD: “On the one hand, most of the people is aware of little or no about this faith. However, there’s a actual reluctance to tarnish the tutelary determine of the Dalai Lama, Nobel Peace Prize in 1989. He embodies the hunt for happiness, an ecological conscience earlier than the hour. He’s unassailable”.

The documentary reveals a number of instances of sexual assault, notably on minors. Assaults that will have taken place in Buddhist communities. 32 individuals have been interrogated, and 13 Buddhist masters accused by the plaintiffs, through the investigation. “What comes up in all instances are the mechanisms of management, the shut bodily contacts, which vary from blows to rape, that are offered as accelerators of entry to ‘Awakening'”, develop the authors with Marianne. Overwhelming.

“We discover in all these victims the identical modus operandi: in the event you discuss concerning the abuse, you break the oath that binds you to the grasp, which results in disastrous karmic penalties for the follower and his household. In Buddhism, it is rather severe. Abusers have other ways of attaining their ends, however all of their victims have heard this justification for the abuse.”

A significant job to not be missed this Tuesday, September 13 at 10:35 p.m. on Arte or in replay.

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