TPMP: Simon Castaldi attacks Guillaume Genton on Instagram!

TPMP: Simon Castaldi attacks Guillaume Genton on Instagram!

While he is used to finding himself at the heart of criticism in TPMP, Guillaume Genton has to face the attack from Simon Castaldi.

Nothing is going well for Guillaume Genton. And for good reason, the columnist of TPMP finds himself singled out by Simon Castaldi. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The return of TPMP is explosive

After two months of vacation, the TPMP team has made a comeback on C8. And yes, as expected, the chroniclers once again took their place on the set. To the delight of viewers who were beginning to get impatient. Very cool !

Moreover, the columnists of TPMP landed in better shape than ever. Well rested after their holidays, they seem ready to fight again. In short, this new season promises to be more explosive than ever.

And thing promised, thing due, the first emissions turned out to be rich in twists and turns. As she came to the set to give her version of the facts in the case between her and Booba, Magali Berdah was replaced by Cyril Hanouna. And for good reason, the latter really did not appreciate his behavior. Ouch!

For his part, Jean-Michel Maire was in better shape than ever. Indeed, the star columnist of TPMP did not hesitate to send a spade to the host. Something to surprise Cyril Hanouna who had seen nothing coming.

But today, it’s Guillaume Genton’s turn to face the criticism. Indeed, while watching TPMP, Simon Castaldi did not hesitate to attack the columnist on Insta. MCE TV tells you more!

Simon Castaldi attacked Guillaume Genton

Needless to say, the columnists of TPMP have to face a lot of criticism. Indeed, while the show propels them into the spotlight, they find themselves confronted with comments and mockery from Internet users. What upset more than one so.

Moreover, in recent times, Guillaume Genton finds himself the target of many mockeries. While he seems to accept productive criticism, he has let it be known that grossophobic remarks became more and more numerous. And yes, the TPMP columnist has a lot of trouble digesting these kinds of thoughts.

And yet, the clashes and attacks do not seem about to stop for the young man. Indeed, after admitting that he found it indecent that reality TV candidates could earn large sums, Simon Castaldi could not be silent. Indeed, the son of Benjamin Castaldi decided to react on his Insta account.

In his story, the darling of Adixia therefore shared a photo of the columnist, specifying: “The guy has a hatred I’ve never seen that”. As a reminder, Simon Castaldi got into reality TV by participating in the Princes of Love. And since then, the latter does not stop and connects the programs. In short, this reflection really does not seem to pass on the side of the candidate. Ouch!

One thing is certain, the columnists of TPMP have not finished getting noticed. But after Guillaume Genton, who will be the next to find himself at the heart of the critics? They just have to be ready. To be continued.

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