Tiger Mosquitoes – Worries after the development of Dengue Fever

Tiger Mosquitoes – Worries after the development of Dengue Fever

Dengue fever most frequently presents as gentle, with no or few signs, or as a sudden flu-like sickness accompanied by joint ache. Nevertheless, for the reason that center of the twentieth century, extreme types have appeared with hemorrhages or with shock syndrome that may result in demise. The multiplication of confirmed circumstances within the Hautes Pyrénées division is worrying. And the response of the authorities speaks of the urgency. A number of mosquito management operations have already been carried out within the city of‘Andrest then to the city of Rabastens de Bigorre.

Tiger mosquito proliferation

The results of worldwide warming now permit the proliferation of the tiger mosquito carrying the dengue virus suggests new circumstances. Endemic in tropical and subtropical nations, dengue tends to unfold worldwide to temperate areas.

Dengue fever causes excessive fever

The Regional Well being Company is interesting to all of the inhabitants of this sector who current scientific indicators suggestive of a dengue an infectionare referred to as upon to seek the advice of their attending doctor as quickly as potential. The suggestive signs are, within the absence of one other established prognosis:
• a excessive fever (>38.5°C) sudden onset;
• related to no less than one different scientific signal comparable to complications, muscle, joint or lumbar ache;
• within the absence of cough, runny nostril, sore throat, respiration difficulties or contaminated wounds.

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