The Voice: Florent Pagny replaced by Patrick Bruel? The singer finally balances the truth!

The Voice: Florent Pagny replaced by Patrick Bruel? The singer finally balances the truth!

For a few weeks already, TF1 the new season of The Voice Kids. Some time later, it is The Voice with adults who will make a comeback. But a question remains: Florent Pagny will always be present as a coach?

A deserved victory

In a few months, The Voice will return to TF1 to the delight of fans. The latter are still wondering if Florent Pagny will do his return in this new season.

As a reminder, Florent Pagny is affected lung cancer. He is still battling illness. As a reminder, at the beginning of the year, he announced the bad news on his social networks.

He had confessed that he had to cancel his tour because of his tumor. Despite everything, he continued to honor, as best he could, his role as coach in The Voice. He also had the chance to win the adventure with Nour.

The latter had also shared an adorable message during her victory. She had confided the day of her victory: “Hello everyone, we did it! (…) We all deserved this trophy! He belongs to all of us”.

Nour also confessed: “Thank you to the whole team of The Voice and to all the coaches! And especially to my coach Florent Pagny who was there to support me until the end (…) And finally, thank you”.

Before concluding : “For making me become The Voice 2022. I am very happy and all thanks to you”. An adorable message which had not failed to please the fans but also to Florent Pagny.

Florent Pagny in good shape since his last chemos

Despite his chemos, Florent Pagny did everything possible to coach Nour as best he could. Thanks to him, she also managed to win this new season of The Voice on TF1.

When his cancer was announced, he also received support from the channel. The production confided: “With TF1, our priority is Florent’s health. The whole The Voice family is by his side in this ordeal.

Before adding: “For filming, we will organize ourselves with him. And we will communicate at the appropriate time”. If the singer hadn’t been able to do the live bonuses, he didn’t have no absence from coaching sessions.

If the cancer is still there, Florent Pagny continues to fight. It also seems that he is doing better and better. On August 14, he also made his big comeback on social networks.

He confessed to his fans that he was taking over ” colors in the Aegean Sea“. Patrick Bruel also gave some news about his state of health. He revealed that he was going to much better“. Of the very reassuring news.

Patrick Bruel denies the rumors

Now, fans of Florent Pagny are wondering if he will return to The Voice. The Public media said it would pass the torch to Patrick Bruel. He then restored the truth about these rumors.

On August 30, the singer spoke on his Twitter account. He confided: “It’s not a scoop but rather a fake news… I really like The Voice. And I hope to see my friend Florent Pagny again soon in great shape in the red armchair..

Before entrusting all the same: ” More there was never any question of a participation as a coach this year ». To be continued !

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