“The trunk of memories” to rebuild

“The trunk of memories” to rebuild

As part of the culture-health project, the healthcare team and patients of the CATTP in Bourgtheroulde are screening their short film “La malle aux souvenirs” on Tuesday September 6, 2022 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Pathé cinema in Evreux. A total of 5 short films will be broadcast: Le Souvenir, le Masque, Le Mur, Le Bagage and La Trunk aux Souvenirs. VShe film was made in 2019-2020 and the patients were accompanied by musician, composer and sound designer Jean-Carl Feldis and by artist Bérénice Palier. This short film leads us, through the discovery of a forgotten trunk and the encounters that ensue, to take the measure of all the creative potential of the (re)construction of identity.

The nursing and psychological team of the CMP-CATTP in Bourgtheroulde responded to the Culture-Santé 2019 call for projects by presenting a project to create an audiovisual work by CATTP patients.

This project was developed in partnership with the Normandie Image cultural association, as part of its artistic image education system “Passeurs d’Images”.

The project is part of a context of development of ambulatory care in mental health with a view to combating the psychic and social isolation induced by psychic pathology.

It is also a question of de-stigmatizing psychiatric care for the benefit of people suffering from mental disorders and of restoring self-esteem as well as the bond with others undermined by the pathology.

Finally, highlighting the work carried out in the heart of the territory will make it possible to include mental health care within the very social fabric of the person being cared for.

Project description

The Part-Time Therapeutic Reception Center wanted to propose a project that opens patients to expression, to speech to break their isolation and depression and that they have confidence and awareness of their value of Man.

Based on the creation of a mockumentary, participants were invited to bring real photos of their own lives and to invent the story of a person who misplaced his trunk of photos.

Everyone was able to talk about him without it being him, to show himself without being seen, to tell his story through others. The real has become fiction, the memories imaginary, dreamed or still real but told by others.

Fiction thus mingled with reality to produce a common, collaborative and participative work.

This project was an opportunity to work on writing a script with the participants and the healthcare team. The dialogues, the filming locations were chosen and imagined in a group with the professionals of Normandie Image.

The selection of photos was important to build the story and everyone had to make a choice in their past, not so trivial as that.

The videographer and visual artist Bérénice Palier came for a year to accompany the patients in the creation of a collaborative and participative work. The work of creation ended with the intervention of Jean-Carl Feldis, musician and sound designer, who accompanied the patients in the creation of a soundtrack for their film.


Mr Georges and his wife are prey to great worries about their son who is not interested in much.

One day, Mr Georges inherits a mansion. On his way there, he only discovers a ruin in which is hidden a dusty trunk in which there are documents dating from the Second World War. Their son, usually unmotivated, then decides to lead the investigation and piece together the puzzle that will take him from 1941 to the present day.

The Culture-Santé program is funded by the ARS of Normandy, the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, the Ministry of Culture, the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Normandy, the Normandy region and the Department of Eure. It aims to develop cultural actions in health settings with the objective of promoting access to art and culture for vulnerable people, but also to open up health structures to the outside and to enrich working conditions. welcome and support for users of the health system.

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