The traitors: Elsa Esnoult at war with Clémence Castel and David Douillet? His amazing revelation

The traitors: Elsa Esnoult at war with Clémence Castel and David Douillet? His amazing revelation

This Wednesday August 31, 2022, M6 broadcast the last episode of season 1 of traitorshis new show which uses the codes of the famous game “Le loup garou”. A long-awaited finale for viewers at the origin of various surprising twists on the screen.

Elsa Esnoult manipulated and betrayed in the final of traitors

First, when we thought he was safe, Riadh – the essential YouTuber of the moment, was eliminated thanks to the flair of author Bernard Werber. Despite his best efforts, the videographer failed to make his Real Madrid player story believable.

Second, we witnessed the most unexpected alliance in the game. While Clémence Castel and David Douillet were both the traitors of the game, they nevertheless managed to convince Elsa Esnoult to join them through a well-conducted manipulation. Results ? Thanks to this out-of-the-box collaboration, the trio was able to take down all of the show’s remaining loyalists, earning the traitors a whopping $32,250. And inevitably, when the actress mysteries of love understood what had just happened and that Bernard Werber and Bruno Sanches were actually innocent, she burst into tears, both disillusioned and touched by a feeling of guilt.

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The actress angry with Clémence Castel and David Douillet?

However, if the show had previously been the cause of a real dispute between Delphine Wespiser and Natoo, Elsa Esnoult is not the resentful type. “I saw that Clémence and David also had tears in their eyes. They said to themselves: ‘Poor thing, she’s going to be angry with us’. So, no, I don’t blame them“, she confessed during an interview with 20 Minutes.

After all, she clarified, the two traitors quickly apologized for this strategy and even offered her the most beautiful gift: sharing their kitty so that they can donate to the SPA. “As soon as the last sequence was shot, it was extraordinaryshe recalled. Clémence and David immediately came to see me and said: ‘This final is the three of us. It’s thanks to you if we got there, we share the sum with you for your association.

Also, we reassure you, the betrayal of the duo has in no way played on his feelings against them, “They proved to me that they were really friends, that there was sincerity.“She even added it, still moved:”They are amazing people that I will always hold in my heart.“Friendship is beautiful.

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