“The team is growing!” : Thomas Sotto announces the birth of a new baby live

“The team is growing!” : Thomas Sotto announces the birth of a new baby live

Pink notebook! Thursday, September 1, 2022, Thomas Sotto decided to make a big announcement in Telematin (France 2). After reviewing the strong headlines of the news with Anne-Claire Poignard, the 49-year-old journalist brought a little happiness by giving news of Johanna Ghigliawent on maternity leave last June. And she gave birth recently.

And then a hope all the same, and what a beautiful hope. The team of Telematin expands with a rookie of shock and charm. Look, it’s that lady’s baby, Johanna Ghiglia! Ewen, a baby boy who was born a few days ago who we welcome. And we obviously kiss the mom, the dad and the whole family“, he let go, displaying a broad smile. His colleague Anne-Claire Poignard added: “And we send all our wishes of happiness to Johanna, her little boy and dad. We kiss them very hard and we tell them see you soon“.

Launched in a good atmosphere, Thomas Sotto, who is himself the father of two children, then underlined that “the beginnings were sporty“. Which made Julia Vignali react, who has a ready-made solution. “I offered to babysit her when she needed“, she reported. But there was no question for her of taking another job, as Thomas Sotto humorously reminded her: “No, you work you I remind you“. Anne-Claire Poignard then proposed a compromise: bring the newborn on the set of Telematin. But she was met with a refusal. “Oh we’ll leave him alone poor Ewen!“, replied the journalist before concluding: “Bravo and congratulations to her in any case“.

On Twitter, after this light and love-filled sequence, Internet users could only congratulate the beautiful Johanna Ghiglia who has been discreet since her departure on maternity leave. His return to the air has not yet been announced. Remember that it presents the 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 editions of the JT of Telematin from on August 23, 2021, from Monday to Thursday.

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