The brand new radiosurgery units: CyberKnife M6 and Gamma Knife

The brand new radiosurgery units: CyberKnife M6 and Gamma Knife

Since its inauguration in 2005, the Anadolu Medical Heart has been offering its sufferers, by the adoption of the newest applied sciences, with state-of-the-art medical providers. It’s a famend institution for the applying of contemporary strategies within the remedy of most cancers particularly.

Anadolu Medical Heart conducts joint research with one of the crucial prestigious hospitals in the US, Johns Hopkins Drugs.

The radio-oncology division of the Anadolu Medical Heart is ready to present ample remedy to most cancers sufferers due to its trendy infrastructure geared up with state-of-the-art tools, particularly:

  • The GE DISCOVERY RT tomography gadget for the planning part;
  • The Varian Edge, the Accuray CyberKnife M6 and RADIXACT (totherapy) for the remedy part.

On this article, we’re going to have a look at two radiosurgery units: the CyberKnife M6 and the Gamma Knife.

Your health destination, Anadolu Medical Center
Your health destination, Anadolu Medical Center

The radiosurgery gadget: CyberKnife M6?

The CyberKnife M6 is an ultra-precise radiosurgery gadget that helps forestall radiation injury to wholesome tissue.

It’s a remedy approach that consists of stereotaxically administering high-dose radiation to the required space whereas preserving wholesome organs from the poisonous results of radiation.

With the CyberKnife M6 you may simply attain tumors, no matter the place they’re situated within the physique. Cyberknife M6 remedy is principally used for malignant and benign ailments of the mind, for tumors of the backbone, head and neck, lungs, pancreas, liver, adrenal glands and prostate.

The CyberKnife is a stereotactic radiosurgery gadget that gives affected person consolation and ease of software in comparison with conventional surgical strategies.

Responsive robotic construction

The Cyberknife M6 makes use of extremely delicate robotic know-how. Relying on the form of the tumor, it produces radiation for areas of various sizes. The robotic arm operates alongside six axes, which makes it doable to ship exact radiation from completely different angles and thus attain tumors situated close to crucial organs.

Picture Guided Remedy

The identification of the lesion and its location earlier than and through remedy are of paramount significance in radiosurgery. Within the Cyberknife M6 system, the picture is managed utilizing a pc and the radiation is distributed to the required areas with a excessive diploma of precision.

Throughout the remedy, the system detects and corrects the slightest affected person actions that would scale back the accuracy and sensitivity of the remedy. Due to this fact, the CyberKnife makes it doable to deal with the sick, particularly within the case of cranial surgical procedures, by carrying easy plastic masks.

Breath monitoring

One of many foremost benefits of the CyberKnife is its breath monitoring functionality. Tumors situated within the thorax and stomach act in response to respiration. Their cellular nature makes radiography of the lesions troublesome. Because of this particular strategies are wanted to watch motion throughout remedy.

With conventional home equipment, inflexible fixtures are utilized and enormous remedy areas are fashioned to incorporate adjustments in location as a result of motion. In different purposes, the affected person is requested to cease respiration as a way to immobilize the tumor.

Nonetheless, none of that is obligatory within the Cyberknife M6 gadget. Utilizing a tool positioned over the chest space and an infrared digital camera, the medical crew can monitor exterior chest actions to correlate them with inside tumor actions. The robotic can thus observe the tumor throughout the remedy.

Normal specs of CYBERKNIFE M6

  • Decreased processing time;
  • Fewer negative effects, safety of surrounding tissues and organs;
  • Painless process;
  • Outpatient remedy, no hospitalization required;
  • Non-invasive approach;
  • Doesn’t require screwing a steel body to the top or physique.
  • Doesn’t require anesthesia;
  • Monitoring the motion of organs throughout remedy implies that the affected person doesn’t have to cease respiration;
  • Permits a fast return to a standard;
  • No restoration interval obligatory.

The radiosurgery gadget: Gamma Knife

The Gamma Knife is a tool used for neurosurgical therapies in stereotactic radiotherapy. It delivers a really localized excessive dose of ionizing radiation. It’s a surgical procedure with out scalpel, it’s an intervention which doesn’t require the opening of the cranium. Radiosurgery is used to deal with mind tumors smaller than 3 cm which can be in inoperable or high-risk areas.

The primary variations between CyberKnife M6 and Gamma Knife

Gamma Knife is restricted within the variety of angles it could actually method the tumor, whereas CyberKnife can ship radiation from 1000’s of angles, limiting the affect of radiation on wholesome tissue or organs surrounding the tumor.

Whereas Gamma Knife and CyberKnife can deal with cancerous and non-cancerous tumors with excessive precision, CyberKnife gives distinctive advantages, particularly its skill to deal with tumors all through the physique. With superior robotics, clever tumor monitoring, and real-time imaging capabilities, CyberKnife can deal with tumors within the physique that transfer on account of respiration with the identical precision as therapies within the mind, with out the necessity for medical units. uncomfortable motion restriction.

CyberKnife’s breakthrough developments allow the remedy of tumors of the mind, head and neck, backbone, lung, prostate, liver, pancreas, kidney and extra. CyberKnife’s precision and lack of invasive head and physique frames has opened up the sector of therapies for recurrent tumors that have been as soon as considered incurable after radiation remedy or prior surgical procedure.

Variations between radiotherapy and radiosurgery

Conventional radiation remedy treats most cancers cells, however adjoining regular cells are additionally uncovered to radiation. As a way to forestall radiation injury to surrounding regular cells, sufferers usually want as much as 40 classes, permitting regular cells to recuperate between therapies. Radiosurgery, alternatively, delivers a a lot larger dose of radiation to the tumor, whereas counting on excessive precision to keep away from radiation publicity to surrounding wholesome cells.

This precision is maintained in three-dimensional house, which implies that radiosurgery is “stereotactic”. Due to this requirement, stereotactic radiosurgery has historically been restricted to the remedy of intracranial tumors. A stereotactic head body would maintain the affected person’s head firmly in place, eliminating motion as a priority and making certain remedy is delivered with the precision wanted to spare regular tissues and significant buildings. Able to monitoring tumors in actual time and delivering therapies all through the physique, the CyberKnife M6 supplies a extra highly effective and versatile radiosurgery platform with out the necessity to rigidly immobilize sufferers.

The way forward for radiosurgery

The CyberKnife® System gives breakthrough remedy choices for a variety of cancers, however that is nothing new. The CyberKnife System is backed by twenty years of printed scientific follow-up, offering concrete proof that the CyberKnife supplies wonderful most cancers management with decreased danger of negative effects for forms of most cancers all through the physique.

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