“The best act of all time”: a Belgian shocks the jury of “America’s Got Talent”

“The best act of all time”: a Belgian shocks the jury of “America’s Got Talent”

This Tuesday, Chris Umé again shocked the jurors of the show “America has talent”. After showing Simon Cowell, one of the members of the jury, this time he chose to have him sing along with Howie Mandel and Terry Crews. The first is also a member of the jury while the second must host the show.

And the Belgian talent chose to have them take the microphone to the opera music “Nessun Dorma”. At the start of the sequence, three illustrious strangers come onto the stage. In front of each of them is a device with cameras. On the big screen, the members of the jury discover one after the other their faces on the screen. A performance that surprised them as much as it amused them. As evidenced by the reaction of Simon Cowell who claimed that it was “the best number he had ever seen”.

In reality, this technological feat is possible thanks to the Deepfake technique. To make these videos, Chris Umé is associated with Tom Graham, an Australian business partner. Together, they set up the company Metaphysic. The two friends do not yet know if they will reach the final of the competition. The result will be known from this Wednesday evening and ten candidates will be selected. One thing is certain, achieving this kind of feat takes a considerable amount of time. Especially since this final takes place in two weeks. “The nights are likely to be short”claims our compatriot for CinemaBlend. “We already have an idea of ​​what we want to do. We are already going to prepare a bit but we still have a lot of work to do.”

His Australian partner gave a little hint about this future show. “First, American viewers still have to vote for us until the last episode. If we get there, we think it’s a good idea to do something with Heidi and Sofia. Also, we plan to bring back one of rock’s greatest legends.”

The winner of the show receives a million dollars and his own show in Las Vegas. Chris Umé is also known in Belgium for resuscitating Raymond Goethals and Guy Thys during a Red Devils promotional campaign.

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