Synesthesia or how some folks handle to see a sound

Synesthesia or how some folks handle to see a sound


There are some human skills which are actually extraordinary. Amongst these unusual and uncommon skills is synesthesia. This neurological phenomenon permits those that have it to listen to colours, really feel shapes or understand the colour of numbers and letters.

A neurological situation just like an excellent energy

Synesthesia is a non-pathological neurological situation during which info meant to stimulate one in all your senses stimulates a number of of your senses. Whereas this phenomenon can happen episodically – as a consequence of taking sure psychedelics, for instance – an individual is endowed with synesthesia provided that it happens over a protracted time frame. It isn’t identified precisely how frequent synesthesia is, however in accordance with one examine, it’s a pretty uncommon phenomenon that solely impacts 2% to 4% of the inhabitants.

Additionally, this situation shouldn’t be totally understood, however is regarded as genetic and impacts extra girls than males. Some scientists, nonetheless, imagine that everybody has synesthesia skills, however not everybody makes use of them. Based on a report by Stay Sciencethe situation can also be extra prevalent amongst artists, writers, and musicians. In truth, between 20% to 25% of individuals with this situation work in these professions. Well-known folks with synesthesia embrace singer Lorde, author Vladimir Nabokov and physicist Richard Feynman.

These folks with synesthesia are additionally known as synesthetes. In the most typical instances of synesthesia, letters of the alphabet and numbers are related to colours. That is particularly what is known as grapheme-color synesthesia and this represents roughly 65% ​​of instances of synesthesia. In one other pretty frequent case of synesthesia, synesthetes can “see” music as colours once they hear it. In all, there are greater than 60 sorts of synesthesia, reported psychology right this moment.

Can synesthesia be “cured”?

Since it isn’t a pathology, there is no such thing as a remedy for synesthesia. Furthermore, many synesthetes even recognize their very completely different manner of perceiving. Nonetheless, in pretty uncommon instances, some synesthetes really feel that their situation isolates them from others. Particularly, they discover it tough to elucidate their sensory experiences, as a result of they’re very completely different. As one can’t be cured for synesthesia, the best choice is to adapt.

To take action, integrating into communities of different synesthetes may help to alleviate this sense of isolation. Moreover, simply as there is no such thing as a remedy for synesthesia, there is no such thing as a official prognosis for this situation. Anyway, there are tips and lots of assessments to have the ability to assess if an individual is synesthete. As you would possibly count on, those that assume they’re synesthetes take numerous assessments regarding notion, sensations and feelings.

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