Sophie Ferjani: Rare images of her husband Baligh and their three children, she reveals a lot!

Sophie Ferjani: Rare images of her husband Baligh and their three children, she reveals a lot!

Thursday, September 1 is a special day for children (and parents) since it’s back to school. Goodbye holidays and hello schoolbags and homework. For Sophie Ferjani, acolyte of Stéphane Plaza on M6 in Homes for salethis is an opportunity for her to make a great gift to her community.

A few hours ago, the sparkling 45-year-old redhead unveiled on her Instagram account a video of her memories of holidays spent in the south of France – where she lives and where she renovated a magnificent villa. On this video of several tens of seconds, we can see her husband Baligh. He is smiling, she is looking at him lovingly, a glass in her hand. In the background, a sublime sunset. This man, she has loved him for so many years…”We met in high school. It’s a love of youthshe remembers. We fell in love and then we broke up. He went to the army and then after he came back, we came out together“, she confided to Tele-Leisure. And then add:He’s my protector, he always walks a meter behind. He listens, watches people, always ready to attack if someone is not nicelaunches the pretty redhead. On social networks, if some are yelled at, well it was him! He invents pseudonyms to monitor. When there is a live broadcast, he comments and tackles anyone who is not nice. He’s my guard dog!“The couple work together. Sophie Ferjani and Baligh are the owners of a store, The selection, that he manages.

On the images we also see the three children of the couple Achille (15 years old), Gabriel (11 years old) and Célestin (6 years old). With their parents, the three boys took advantage of the surroundings of Marseille and the Camargue: dinner by the water, boat trips, children jumping into the sea from a bridge… they spent an ideal summer – on other images also show that work was on the program for this summer break and that Stéphane Plaza visited Sophie Ferjani.

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