She leaves her house to call, a raging fox makes her live through hell

She leaves her house to call, a raging fox makes her live through hell

A terrifying scene! On Tuesday, August 23, weathercaster Ed Russo shared a video, which went viral, on Tweeter. In the video of the employee of CBS 21 Newswe see a scene that leaves you speechless where her cousin is attacked by a rabid fox. The woman, who remained anonymous, was twice attacked by the wild animal, in her own garden in Ithaca, New York. This video was first shared by the victim’s husband, Paul Russo, on Sunday, August 21. “My wife was attacked by a rabid fox last July”, he wrote online.

This attack took place on July 25 at 2:30 p.m., at the woman’s home, reports the Daily Mail. We see her talking on the phone in her garden. That’s when the fox sneaks up behind her to bite her the leg wildly. While debating, the woman who is visibly unimpressed by the animal, then lifts him with his hands to pin him to the ground. What does not demotivate the animal which the attack of more beautiful. It was then that a man with a stick came to the woman’s rescue. After a few more exchanges, the animal eventually fled.

The animal attacked another person

The New York Post reports that this same wild fox attacked another person in the area. This is howhe has been killed. The animal’s corpse was then taken to the university’s laboratory Cornell. (…)


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