Sharon Stone dumped by a young conquest for a surprising reason, revelations

Sharon Stone dumped by a young conquest for a surprising reason, revelations

Sharon Stone just made a surprising revelation for the magazine vogue saudi. The 64-year-old actress, who caused a stir at Cannes last May, revealed that she recently dated a younger man. A relationship that quickly ended for a particular and surprising reason. The man in question would indeed have asked her if she wanted to use Botox. Seeing very clearly in her little game, she would then have replied: “It would probably be very rewarding for your ego and mine if I did.”

She then explained that she saw him again after this incident. “He was no longer interested in seeing me again” she revealed, which seems to make him neither hot nor cold. “If you don’t want to date me because of this, please find your way out.“, she then said. The actress of Total recall has used Botox many times in his life but that is a bygone era.

“More than 300 injections”

“There were times when I was really, really famous where I was doing Botox and fillers and everything, and then I had this major stroke and a nine-day brain hemorrhage and I had to get more than 300 injections to regain volume on one side of my face“, she explained, before adding that these procedures had gone from a “luxurious act benign to a kind of massive and painful neurological need“.

Recently, she reacted on Instagram to the testimony of the Australian dancer Peta Mugatroyd victim of a miscarriage. A subject that touches Sharon Stone a lot since she herself suffered the consequences. “The rhesus factor is a genetic thing, which all my brothers and sisters have. I suffered three miscarriages, at 5 and a half months pregnant, and I never understood why or how they happened”, confided the mother of Quinn Kelly (22 years old), Laird Vonne (17 years old) and Roan Joseph (16 years old), her three adopted children, in the magazine in addition in 2017.

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