“Sardine Ruisseau”, a “parodic” account? Sandrine Rousseau denounces cyber-harassment

“Sardine Ruisseau”, a “parodic” account? Sandrine Rousseau denounces cyber-harassment

Screenshot “Daily” / TMC

Screenshot “Daily” / TMC

Sandrine Rousseau, here on the set of “Daily” on TMC, August 31, 2022.

TELEVISION – Guest on the set of Daily on TMC this Wednesday, August 31, Sandrine Rousseau was notably launched by Yann Barthès on the parody Twitter account “ Sardine Stream », which brings together nearly 27,000 subscribers.

“If I tell you it makes me laugh, do you tell me that I support online harassment? »thus asks the presenter.

” Yes. In any case, if you like and you retweet, I tell you that yes. (…) Because this parody account was founded when the extreme right decided to make me a target in the political debate and in fact it is a signal that you send, from the moment where Sardine Ruisseau tweets, then there are hordes of accounts – more or less fake – (…) which launch what are called raids. So yes, it is cyber-harassment”replies MP EELV (listen in the video below).

“And it’s serious that we are here after the episodes, for example, of Ségolène Royal in the presidential election, who herself had been extremely mocked and about whom we said to ourselves just after ‘never again we will do it again’. And then we did it again for Eva Joly, and today we’re doing it again on me. I’m just saying: ‘we have to evolve there friends’…”continues Sandrine Rousseau.

“You can laugh very well without being humiliating”

“Are there limits to caricature? »then asks Yann Barthès.

“Yes, because there, it’s actually very humiliating for people who are discriminated against in society, and moreover, that says something (…): we want to maintain this social hierarchy, because this social hierarchy, it is important to achieve profit, growth etc.retorts Sandrine Rousseau.

“And maybe also maintain humor, and freedom of expression”then tries Yann Barthès.

“You can laugh very well without being humiliating, and you can laugh very well without causing other people to raid”she answers.

Note that in a tweet published on August 24, the Twitter account “Sardine Ruisseau” presents itself as “parody”.

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