sad news forces him to quit Instagram

sad news forces him to quit Instagram


– Published on August 31, 2022 at 14:58

Greg Yega fans have noticed that the young man has been absent on social media for a few days. He would have lost a loved one.

Greg Yega is on everyone’s mind. The reality TV candidate has once again been talked about at the wedding of Laura Lempika and Nikola Lozina. It must be said that his rapprochement with Maeva Ghennam did not go unnoticed. Did the two exes get back together? Their relationship is very chaotic, and even if they had formalized their breakup, a sensual video of the duo leaves little room for doubt. However, neither of the two interested parties has reacted for the moment. And if Maeva Ghennam is very active on social networks, Greg Yega shines as for him by his absence…

This Wednesday, August 31, the Instagram account @tmzfr_ lifted the veil on this mystery. His story was shared by @supertelefr. ” Greg apparently had a death, hence his absence from the networks. He will speak when he returns“, can we read. Sad news which therefore explains that the reality TV candidate needs time for himself and to be with his family. For the moment, we don’t know more, but the young man will speak when he feels ready.

An exorbitant salary

Recently, Greg Yega was at the heart of a controversy. Booba unveiled audios in which we hear the reality TV candidate clashing Maeva Ghennam, but also talking about his salary… And one thing is certain, he surprised everyone. When this sound was recorded, he was 27 years old and explained that he was winning at that time 50,000 euros per month thanks to television and its product placements. Internet users were then offended and tweeted: “ The most shocking thing is to touch 50k for nothing” or even “Giving 50,000 euros to such people is like giving caviar to a pig”. But, it is very likely that this exorbitant figure has increased since this period.

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