Risks and prevention of overdoses, we tell you everything!

Risks and prevention of overdoses, we tell you everything!

On the occasion of International Overdose Prevention Day this August 31, we welcome Prof. Corinne Charlier – Head of the Department of Clinical, Forensic, Environmental and Corporate Toxicology at the University Hospital of Liège.

Finally, what is an overdose? Can you get one with any substance? It is the expression of the acute toxicity of a product consumed in too large quantities at once, intentionally (suicide) or accidentally (chronic opiate users, prison, etc.)

You should know that each case is different. Depending on the type of drug, the amount and habits, the overdose can happen more or less quickly. A person who uses substances regularly will overdose less quickly than a beginner.

Depending on the substance consumed, the overdose can happen suddenly, especially with dopamine or cocaine. It starts with respiratory distress that comes on little by little and then falls heavily “asleep”.

In addition to the overdose, the drugs or other substances can cause multiple damage such as liver damage, the liver will no longer function and the cells will start to die. (Due to an overdose of paracetamol for example)

How can you get into an overdose state while you’re still on the drug? Then, either the person is no longer at the same stage of effects and wishes to “put a layer back”, or the person is already in a descent/panic phase so they consume again. This is when the body can no longer fight the drug and the risk of overdose increases.

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