Richard Berry case: Marilou Berry speaks about her support for her cousin Coline

Richard Berry case: Marilou Berry speaks about her support for her cousin Coline

It was a revelation that had the effect of a bomb. On January 25, 2021, Coline Berry-Rojtman, daughter of famous actor Richard Berry, filed a complaint against him. Rape, sexual assault, corruption of a minor… He was then the subject of several counts. The actor has always denied the facts and on Wednesday August 31, the investigation was closed for prescription. Her daughter was convicted of defamation. But Marilou Berry, daughter of Josiane Balasko, immediately sided with her cousin Coline to support her in this affair.

A support that she reaffirmed in an unpublished interview granted to Gala. “I could not do otherwise in the face of too great an injustice. His father is an extremely influential person who had, I think, power. It was unfair to leave her alone in this shitty media trial that has been done”, she declared, before assuming her desire to use her notoriety in order to come to her aid by sensitizing as many people as possible, starting with journalists.

“Coline is no longer alone”

“I don’t have a lot of power, but at least I have the power to be heard by the media. It would be disgusting of me to let her be lynched in public. All the women who died under the blows of their boyfriend have filed a complaint. And nothing moves. Today, it is no longer taboo, but we get used to it and we don’t react anymore. It’s horrible”, she added.

Despite her desire to help, Marilou Berry did not escape criticism. In particular, he was criticized for not “to have spoken earlier”what she did not appreciate as she made it clear in February 2021 in the columns of Release. She recalled that “It was his cousin the victim and that at the beginning she decided not to file a complaint”. “Who am I to not respect that choice?”she replied to those who accuse her of “to prosper chaos in his family”.

“I do not rejoice in my uncle’s misfortune. On the other hand, what makes me happy in this story is that after having spent almost forty years carrying this burden, Coline is no longer alone“, she added. Marilou Berry, reputed to be very committed to the feminist cause, therefore proves to be a major support for Coline Berry.

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