Rachida Dati reveals a photo of her daughter Zohra, and she has grown up!

Rachida Dati reveals a photo of her daughter Zohra, and she has grown up!

Since yesterday, many personalities have been sharing their most beautiful back-to-school photos on social networks. Proud of their cherubs in shorts and satchels on their backs, our favorite stars flood their Instagram account with photos taken in front of the school gate. And even Rachida Dati got into it. Usually very discreet about his private life, the former Keeper of the Seals, however, departed from the rule this Friday, September 2.

From a story post on Instagram, the mayor of the very opulent 7th arrondissement of Paris revealed a photo taken alongside her daughter Zohra. “Zohra and I wish you a good start to the new school year“, wrote the best enemy of Anne Hidalgo. If the latter took care to hide the face of the young girl, we discover all the same that it has grown well. Now 13 years old, Zohra even exceeds her mother in size. Held very trendy and urban, the daughter of the former Minister of Justice seems quite fulfilled near her mother, all smiles too.

And yet, things weren’t always easy for little Zohra, born on January 2, 2009. The result of her mother’s affair with Dominique Desseigne, a French businessman and billionaire, Rachida Dati’s daughter from the early years. tricky, especially at school. “I tried to protect her from it, but she lived throughout his primary education, changing establishments every year. Because of this history of harassment. She was bullied by a little boyson of a personality. It ended at Necker Hospital. Is that what women’s freedom is?“, declared the former candidate for mayor of Paris in the program “Hors Piste”.


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