Pure flu treatments: ginger, honey, lemon…

Pure flu treatments: ginger, honey, lemon…

In prevention or to do away with the flu and its signs (cough, fever), many meals, crops or important oils might be efficient. Lemon, honey, garlic, ginger… A tour of grandmother’s treatments with Daniel Caroff, naturopathic physician.

Based on information from Public Well being France, the flu epidemic impacts on common 2.6 million folks every year. It’s a contagious respiratory viral an infection that comes again each winter. It causes fever and cough specifically. However know that there are pure methods to stop the virus earlier than you must treatment your self of it. With out forgetting that “To keep away from getting the flu, you must apply the identical precautions as for Covid-19: keep away from contact with sick folks, wash your fingers often, and use single-use tissues“, instantly recollects Daniel Caroff, naturopathic physician. Tower of flu treatments.

Garlic: wealthy in sulfur

Garlic is usually a nice assist throughout a flu. Very wealthy in sulfurthis meals has sturdy anti-inflammatory properties. Individuals who have an ENT irritation (runny nostril for instance) or on the degree of the respiratory system may also take sulfur delivered within the type of ampoules. It is usually attainable to drink garlic natural teas within the type of an infusiona number of instances a day. It’s advisable to make use of fermented black garlic as an alternative, which has the identical properties however has a extra nice style.

Lemon: wealthy in vitamin C

Lemon is wealthy in vitamin C which is itself anti viral. Consuming it in a glass of chilly or lukewarm water is a good suggestion. however, in natural tea, that is ineffective as a result of the vitamin C is killed by the excessive temperature of the water. We keep away from natural teas lemon solely. Can even use lemon important oil do not “them respiratory antiseptic properties are demonstrated and put to good use in sure hospitals through sanitizing atmospheric diffusions” underline Drs Françoise Couic Marinier and Anthony Touboul of their e book “Deal with every little thing with 16 important oils”. Combine 5 drops of lemon EO, 5 drops of radiated eucalytus EO and 5 drops of ravintsara EO. Diffuse the combination quarter-hour per hour3 to 4 instances a day from 12 years outdated or 5 minutes per hour from 6 years outdated. “For youngsters beneath 6 years outdated, the printed is for five minutes of their absence. clarify the 2 authors.

Honey: in opposition to sore throat

The flu usually results in irritation of the throat. Honey can then soothe this ache. For instance, you may put together a soothing grog: Put 2 drops of lemon important oil, 2 tablespoons of honey, 1/2 pinch of cinnamon powder, 1 pinch of ginger powder in a cup and pour simmering water.

Ginger: immunostimulant

“In Chinese language drugs, ginger is broadly used to deal with flu-like sickness”, says Dr. Daniel Caroff, normal practitioner and naturopath. It comprises an important oil whose properties are immunostimulant. “Nope contemporary ginger additionally has an antiviral motion on the flu virus.” In case of fever and/or chilly: let infuse for ten minutes one or two slices of contemporary ginger with a chunk of cinnamon in a cup of boiling water. Add a bit of honey earlier than consuming if desired.

Echinacea: slightly in flu prevention

Immunostimulant, Echinacea is take for prevention, from October to February.It is 90% efficient, particularly in kids.” says the physician. In therapy, combine 1ml for 10 kgs in a bit of water (5 ml for adults) 5 days out of seven over a interval of three weeks per thirty days.

Elderberry: to calm coughs

“Throughout a flu, the cough which is initially dry turns into oily due to the mucus secreted within the respiratory tract”, explains Daniel Caroff. So as to make this troublesome cough disappear, it’s then essential to make use of mucolytic merchandise like elderberry. “Black elderberry (Sambucus nigra) acts on respiratory infections. It causes sweating in case of fever, is digestive and diuretic and permits strengthen the immune systemadd the nutritionist educated in natural drugs Caroline Gayet and the herbalist Michel Pierre of their e book “Les secrets and techniques de mon herboristerie”. To spice up your immune system : combine 20g eleutherococcus root, 20g echinacea root, 20g rosemary leaves, 20g elderflower and 20g rosehip bark. Put a tablespoon of the combination in 25 cl for prevention or 4 tablespoons in 1 liter of chilly water as a treatment, to do in decoction 3 minutes then infuse 10 minutes. Filter and drink over the length of signs or a cup a day to stop recurrences in treatment of three weeks per thirty days.

Ginseng: anti-fatigue

This adaptogenic plant isn’t antiviral however might be taken to stop the flu to strengthen your immunity or after the flu to regain the vitality misplaced through the interval of sickness. The ginseng is bought in herbalism within the type of dried rootit may be consumed in decoction on the charge of1 gram of root per day. It will also be discovered in pharmacies within the type of capsules or tablets containing its powdered root.

Eucalyptus radiata important oil

Eucalyptus radiata important oil is antibacterial and antiviral. It additionally has expectorant, decongestant and anti inflammatory results, particularly on the ENT degree, therefore the truth that it is suggested in case of flu.. “It also needs to be famous that this important oil stimulates the immune system” emphasize Drs. Couic-Marinier and Touboul. In adults, pour 2 drops of eucalyptus EO in a teaspoon of honey morning, midday and night for 7 days. We will additionallyuse in therapeutic massage on the higher chest due to 6 drops in a bit of vegetable oil (macadamia for instance), 1 to three instances a day for five to 7 days.

Ravintsara important oil

That is the important oil essentially the most antiviral nevertheless it usually must be mixed with one other oil similar to Tea Tree. Simply combine 3 drops in a spoon of honey about 3 instances a day. She will also be utilized contained in the wrists, on the thorax, or on the soles of the ft for folks delicate to the odor. Ravintsara important oil shouldn’t be utilized in kids beneath 3 years outdated and in pregnant or breastfeeding ladies.

“In the event you undergo from the flu, it’s attainable to take homeopathy however on the first signs“, says the naturopathic physician. In prevention, Influenzinum is efficient if ingested 10 granules per week alternately with Yersin serum. Different homeopathic preparations are efficient:

  • Infludo, from the Weleda laboratory (comprises a bit of alcohol so isn’t really useful for folks affected by alcoholism)
  • L52 from the Lehning laboratory (comprises a bit of alcohol so isn’t really useful for folks affected by alcoholism)
  • Oscillococcinum, from Boiron (primarily based on Muscovy duck liver). Pregnant ladies ought to keep away from consuming it.

Throughout being pregnant, important oils are contraindicated through the first trimester. Ravintsara and Tea Tree might be taken from the 4th month. Ginseng can be prohibited for pregnant and breastfeeding ladies and non-pubescent kids. Alternatively, ginger helps pregnant ladies lots to battle in opposition to the nausea of ​​the primary months of being pregnant.

Due to Daniel Caroff, naturopathic physician and writer of the e book Residing Earth Information to Naturopathy (Residing Earth editions).


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