Pleasure and rigor for the new BCB

Pleasure and rigor for the new BCB

BC Boncourt doesn’t have time to hang around. He started his summer preparation this Thursday morning, exactly one month before the start of the Swiss Basketball League championship. The new Red Team coach Étienne Faye made his group sweat for more than 2 hours, before putting the compress back in the afternoon with a second training session. “We are trying to increase power gradually, intelligently, by mixing the physical and the tactical”, reveals the French technician. He does not hide that this month of preparation will not be enough for his troop, while several Swiss formations have already been at work for a few weeks. “The players’ contracts starting in early September, we could not ask them to come earlier and expose them to possible injury,” he explains.

A 3rd foreigner arrives, Petar Kozic leaves

Étienne Faye led a group of 10 players on Thursday, including two elements of the under-23 team. Simon Ducommun was missing due to a slight injury while a third foreigner is due to join the BCB very soon. A final departure will be announced shortly, that of Petar Kozic. The workforce of BC Boncourt thus had a facelift during the summer. Early signs are promising according to full-back Marlon Kessler. “Everyone gets involved, everyone tries to communicate”, he breathes after this 1st practice before taking a look at the new coach. “Rather satisfied, I think he’s tough on us. He tries to push us in terms of intensity, it’s positive, ”says Marlon Kessler.

BC Boncourt was able to take official notice this Thursday of the calendar that awaits it in the next Swiss Basketball League championship. He will begin his season on October 1 in the Cauldron against the Starwings of Basel. Three full laps are on the program. The Red Team will end its regular championship on April 26, still at home, with a derby against Union Neuchâtel. /msc

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