PHOTO – Brigitte Macron: her grandchildren are back to school with an adorable shot

PHOTO – Brigitte Macron: her grandchildren are back to school with an adorable shot

As is the case for millions of children, the grandchildren of Brigitte Macron found their way to school this Thursday, September 1. On the occasion of this important day, Tiphaine Auzière shared with her Instagram subscribers a rare snapshot of her children, Élise and Aurèle, who returned to class.

It’s THE big day for all parents and children! This Thursday, September 1, millions of children put on their best back-to-school outfits and sported their schoolbags to find the way to school. Like several personalities, such as Karine Ferri or Laura Tenoudji, Tiphaine Auzierewho is none other than the daughter of Brigitte Macron, wanted to immortalize this moment. Thus, on her Instagram account, the one who is the happy mother of two children shared with her subscribers an adorable shot of his son and daughter entwined and accomplices. For the occasion, Élise and Aurèle were photographed from behindboth dressed in a sweater and jeans, walking in nature.

In a philosophical mood, Emmanuel Macron’s daughter-in-law accompanied this publication with a quote from Hannah Arendt: “It should be clearly understood that the role of the school is to teach children what the world is, and not to teach them the art of living.“, wrote the mother of Élise and Aurèle. At the same time, Tiphaine Auzière also posted another photo of a wooden house, with a school bag in front of the front door. is well and truly back to school for everyone.

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Instagram/Tiphaine Auzière

A summer vacation spent with the family

During summer, Brigitte Macronwhich was deprived of his family several times due to the Covid-19 epidemic, was happy to spending time with children and grandchildren at Fort de Brégançon this summer. While the President of the Republic and the First Lady have put down their suitcases in the Var, their entourage was quick to join them. In early August, Tiphaine Auzière shared a series of photos retracing his vacation in this idyllic setting. Accompanied by her two children, her sister Laurence, as well as her mother Brigitte Macron, the person concerned has built herself beautiful family memories. Looking forward to next summer…

Photo credits: Giancarlo Gorassini/Bestimage

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