Personal diary. Meghan would have in her hands enough to “dynamite” the monarchy.

Personal diary. Meghan would have in her hands enough to “dynamite” the monarchy.

A lengthy interview with Duchess Meghan Markle with ‘The Cut’ continues to cause a stir. One statement in particular reportedly made her royal relatives nervous: She kept a constant diary during her time at the palace.

Are the explosive revelations that Meghan Markle could make likely to shake the royal family of England?


Addressing a host of very personal topics in an interview with US magazine ‘The Cut’ to promote her new podcast, Duchess Meghan was uncharacteristically open.

According to some insiders, the British royal family fears that these will not be the last revelations that the American star will make to the public. The specific fear is that the Duchess, like her husband Prince Harry, will write a book about her time at the palace.

Concerns that may well be justified by her statements during the interview: During her last visit to the UK, Meghan said, she found the diary she kept during the period when she was still an integral of the royal family.

Settlement in sight?

“You go back there and look in all the drawers. And then you say ‘My God! That’s what I wrote in my diary,'” she said of her June visit to her former home, Frogmore Cottage.

“Meghan kept a diary as a backup, comments an insider. If this material were unearthed, it would certainly be dynamite. And apparently she found that diary over the summer, packed it up, and took it with her to the United States.”

That Meghan plans to make further revelations is also suggested by other statements by the Duchess in her interview with ‘The Cut’. For example, she pointed out that she never “signed anything” prohibiting him from speaking. “I made an effort to forgive. Mainly because I know I could say ‘anything’.

According to royal expert Margaret Holder, the public announcement of the existence of the diary is a “red flag” for the British royal family: “For Meghan, a book would be a great way to settle old scores”.

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