Perfume yourself with your vaginal secretions, a weapon of seduction?

Perfume yourself with your vaginal secretions, a weapon of seduction?

Vabbing, it works, it works 100% », we see a young woman shouting in a video Viral on Tiktok.

And that’s just one of thousands of other women testifying to how happy they were to have tried it. Just type shake in the search bar of Tiktok, you will see a bunch of videos on the subject.

There ” vaping is the name given to this new practice which consists in using one’s vaginal secretions to perfume oneself, in order to seduce.

You probably say to yourself that it’s disgusting, meanwhile others are probably saying to themselves that if it can allow them to attract the loved one, why not? Because for them, dolling up with her vaginal secretions would now become a weapon of seduction.

Vaginal secretions contain a considerable amount of pheromone, a chemical molecule that can cause a being of the same species to behave seductively.

A risk for the vagina and fertility

However, caution is in order, if however vabbing helps to seduce, doctors warn that it is also a danger for the health of the woman, it causes serious risk of vaginal infectionin particular the mycosis.

Dimitriadi Paraskevi, a gynecologist from London says that this practice can even interfere with fertility. He also explains that it promotes the transfer of microbes in the vagina or even cause pelvic inflammation.

As for Tristram Wyatt, a biologist specializing in animal scents and pheromones, he thinks that shouldn’t be a problem at the moment wash your hands well before doing soto prevent the transfer of microbes.

I don’t see it hurting, and if it gives you some confidence, then why not?” he concludes.


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