Paul Pogba case, new video of his brother Mathias

Paul Pogba case, new video of his brother Mathias


Paul Pogba case, new video by Mathias

Since this weekend, the midfielder of the French team Paul Pogba has been in turmoil after a video published by his older brother Mathias on social networks in which the latter promises the truth about Paul. The main interested party, new player of Juventus Turin, answered him in stride. We take stock.

Paul Pogba at the heart of a dark affair!

This weekend, Mathias Pogba (32) opened a controversy which the French team would have done well. The big brother of the 2018 World Champion has published an Instagram video in which he announces that he wants to establish the truth about Paul, who according to the words of his elder does not deserve the admiration and respect that the latter can arouse in the world of football. An outcry which was quick to react to football fans on Twitter in particular.

The following day, Sunday August 28, Paul Pogba and his representatives issued a statement to respond to Mathias Pogba and try to put things into context. According to them, the former Manchester United player was the victim of threats, blackmail and attempted extortion by a gang believed to be childhood friends of the star of the Blues. A gang in which Mathias Pogba would have taken part according to Paul, and who would have been asked for no less than 13 million euros, including 2 to 3 million to be paid on the spot.

Paul Pogba also targeted by justice

Following the outbreak of the case, Paul Pogba was heard by the police and he was able to deliver his vision of the facts. He would then have explained to them the threats as well as the money demanded of him. However, gray areas still need to be clarified in this case. Why does Mathias Pogba attack his brother when Paul seems to be more victim than guilty in this story? The two brothers undoubtedly have shared faults.

Mathias Pogba “almost died”

According to investigators, Mathias Pogba would have been targeted, without we know more about it for the moment. In any case, the latter declared on social networks that he almost died because of his brother. We can potentially link these two events, which would then confirm the fact that Paul Pogba did not reveal everything to the police about the origin of the extortion attempt. A case that has not finished talking, and which is likely to be a milestone a few months before the World Cup…

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