Patrick Sébastien unfaithful: his very famous ex-girlfriend who was pregnant with him

Patrick Sébastien unfaithful: his very famous ex-girlfriend who was pregnant with him

This Friday, September 2 will be broadcast a new number of the show The Sebastian years in prime time on C8. If Patrick Sébastien was ousted from France 2 where he presented The biggest cabaret in the world and The happy years in 2019, however, he continues to make the best hours of C8 where he returns to the highlights of his cult shows.

Since 1998, the 68-year-old host has been married to his wife Nathalie Boutot (real family name of Patrick Sébastien) nicknamed “Nana”. In the past, Patrick Sébastien was in a relationship with Françoise Nicod alias Fanfan from 1987 to 1992. They have a son Benjamin born in 1991. He was also married at 17 to Martine, mother of his eldest son Sébastien who died on July 15. 1990 from a car accident at the age of 19, and to Sylvie, mother of her second son Olivier, 41, better known under the pseudonym of Olivier Villa.

Patrick was my first big love

But did you know that at the end of the 1970s, Patrick Sébastien had a love affair with Marie Myriam? The young singer had a lot to say about her in 1977, largely for having won Eurovision with her title The bird and the child. Forty years after her victory in this biggest European music competition, the 65-year-old singer returned to her relationship with the host during an interview with Paris here : “I was 20, he was 24. We lived two wonderful years together. Patrick was my first great love. I adored his family and I often looked after his son Sébastien who unfortunately died in an accident. motorcycle at 19. I loved this little one very much”she confided in 2017.

I couldn’t take it anymore

In this interview, Marie Myriam also revealed that she was pregnant with Patrick Sébastien. What marked their separation: “I was pregnant with him at that time. He wanted to keep this child, I didn’t want it. Our separation was very painful for him as much as for me. At the end of our story, he had a lot of fits of jealousy, I couldn’t stand it anymore.” Subsequently, Patrick Sébastien received his ex in The biggest cabaret in the world in 2017. A moment rich in emotion for Marie Myriam who confided in this same interview: “We managed to remain friends, sincere friends and that’s what we succeeded best!”

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