Operation H’ment proud 2022! GHT your initiatives need to be distinguished

Operation H’ment proud 2022! GHT your initiatives need to be distinguished

With “H’ment proud!” we want worth them initiative teams that are taken inside the regional hospital teams (GHT) by all of the professionals who compose them.

Operation H’ment proud! what’s this ?

H’ment proud is a name for purposes meant for territorial hospital teamsto reinforce The initiatives inter-establishments.

H’ment proud highlights initiatives that construct the hospital of tomorrow to:

  • To win time working different
  • Develop into accomplice whereas working collectively
  • Make the care of his sufferers his best satisfaction
  • Decompartmentalize to raised focus on
  • Honest generate much more concepts

Who can apply?

All workers of the general public hospital service within the area Paca, no matter their commerce or rank the hospital.

The right way to apply?

You may have till October 15, 2022 to use on the web site.

Inform us about your undertaking

What’s a H’ment Proud Undertaking?

  • It’s a crew undertaking that mobilizes shared assets between well being institutions of the identical GHT.
  • It’s a undertaking that was imagined by a number of individuals and which contributes to the collective efficiency of the GHT.
  • It’s a undertaking that presents measurable qualitative and quantitative outcomes.
  • It’s a undertaking that meets a necessity by way of group and operation of your institutions.
  • It’s a undertaking that enables the development of the working situations of the workers of your institution and higher affected person care.
  • It’s a undertaking that may be transposed to different institutions or developed or impressed by different groups.
  • It’s a undertaking that enables above all to raised deal with sufferers.

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