News – SL / MHL – Partnership between Thurgau and Frauenfeld

News – SL / MHL – Partnership between Thurgau and Frauenfeld

Swiss League / MyHockey League

HC Thurgau / EHC Frauenfeld

Thurgauer Eishockey AG and EHC Frauenfeld enter into a partnership in the field of active teams and promotion of young talent. The already existing collaboration between the two parties will be further deepened after the promotion of HC Frauenfeld. Since HC Frauenfeld expressed its desire to move up, representatives of the two clubs have already met regularly to achieve this goal and prepare a concrete partnership.

After promotion was delayed for two years by the pandemic, the time had come this spring: EHC Frauenfeld crowned its 2021/22 season with the Swiss 1st League title and promotion to the MyHockey League.

By signing the partnership contract, the two clubs from neighboring leagues ensure mutual support. While Frauenfeld thus gains in managerial depth and attractiveness for talent, HC Thurgau obtains significant resources to be the best address for young players in the region.

This also helps to deepen the exchange of knowledge within the clubs and to find solutions for all Thurgau ice hockey players.

In addition to the two clubs, all ice hockey in the region benefits, insofar as we consistently continue what has been experienced for several years in the canton of Thurgau in the form of the HCT Young Lions .

As part of this partnership, players now have the option to stay in the township, from amateur ice hockey to professional hockey, in all leagues. It is now possible to train young talents in the canton and bring them into active hockey in appropriate leagues.

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