New showdown between the Canal+ and TF1 groups

New showdown between the Canal+ and TF1 groups

By Fredric SCHMITT, the

Canal+ no longer broadcasts any channel of the group TF1 in its TV offerings.

It is now the message that you can read below that is displayed when you zap on one of the channels of the TF1 group.

The reason given by Canal+ is the impossibility of accepting the new commercial conditions of the TF1 group, which would claim very substantial remuneration for free DTT channels . The contract between TF1 and Canal+ ending on August 31 and insofar as no agreement has been concluded, Canal+ can no longer broadcast TF1’s free channels.

TF1 is used to arm wrestling negotiations. It has even become a sport in the company in recent years, since the group decided to significantly increase its prices and impose new conditions, such as a Premium offer for its Replay services or 4K. This time, TF1 would claim 50% more. A hell of inflation!

The previous times, an agreement has always been reached once the protagonists have shown that they are capable of being until the end is yours. The cut never having exceeded a few days, and too bad if the subscribers are penalized. We do not know if TF1 will lower its advertising rates following the loss of audience of millions of Canal+ viewers.

For its part, TF1 deplores Canal+’s decision but explains that you can watch its channels on the Internet or via other operators.

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