New cases of dengue in the Var and the Alpes-Maritimes

New cases of dengue in the Var and the Alpes-Maritimes

Since a first identification of an autochthonous case of dengue on August 23 in Saint-Jeannet, in the Alpes-Maritimes, four others have been reported, or five in total, announced the regional health agency (ARS) Paca in a statement. An autochthonous case means that it is caused by the bite of a tiger mosquito infected with the virus on the territory. The ARS specifies that these people are “all located in the same sector of the town” thus confirming “the circulation of the virus in this area”.

In Fayence also, all the people who were bitten are in the same sector. The ARS indicates that a new autochthonous case of dengue fever has been reported since the last weekly situation update, August 24, and that a total of six cases have been detected. Whether in Fayence or Saint-Jeannet, the ARS ensures that “no case showed signs of seriousness”.

Tips to avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes

To limit the spread of the disease, the regional health agency and the Interdepartmental Agreement for Mosquito Control on the Mediterranean Coast (EID-Med) carry out mosquito control operations in the neighborhoods where cases live and in places they frequented during their periods of contagiousness.

The ARS also advises storing anything that may contain water, sheltering it from the rain, tightly tarpaulining or covering the water reserves with a mosquito net, ensuring that the gutters run smoothly and picking up green waste that can become resting places for adult mosquitoes to prevent mosquito breeding.

In the presence of suggestive symptoms such as sudden high fever, muscle, joint or eye pain, fatigue and headaches, consult your doctor immediately.

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