name, age, what is the tetanus vaccine?

name, age, what is the tetanus vaccine?

The DTP vaccine is the vaccine that protects against Diphtheria, Tetanus and Poliomyelitis. It is also called “tetanus vaccine”. It is a compulsory vaccine in France. When to do it? At what age do adult reminders?

The protection of tetanus but also diphtheria and poliomyelic requires vaccination with the vaccine PAO (Repevax®…). This vaccination is obligatory in France for all children born since January 1, 2018. What is the vaccination schedule ? For the babies ? The adults ? What is the name of this vaccine?

What does the DTP vaccine protect against?

The DTP vaccine is a vaccine that prevents against 3 diseases: diphtheria (kind of angina caused by bacteria), the tetanus and the poliomyelitis (viral infection). It is combined with the whooping cough vaccine in children but not necessarily in adults.

What is the name of the tetanus vaccine?

The vaccine against tetanus but also against diphtheria and poliomyelitis (hence its name DTP) is marketed in France under different forms depending on whether or not it is combined with other vaccines.

Diphtheria / Tetanus / Poliomyelitis Revaxis® (dTP valencies)
Diphtheria / Tetanus / Pertussis / Poliomyelitis Children (DTCaP valences) : InfanrixTetra® / Tetravac-acellular® Teenagers and adults (dTcaP valences): Boostrixtetra® / Repevax®
Diphtheria / Tetanus / Pertussis / Poliomyelitis / Haemophilus influenzae b InfanrixQuinta® Pentavac®
Diphtheria / Tetanus / Poliomyelitis / Pertussis / Haemophilus influenzae b / Hepatitis B Infanrix Hexa® Hexyon® Vaxelis®

What is the DTP vaccine schedule?

The Primary vaccination includes two injections at the age of 2 months (8 weeks) and 4 months, followed by a booster at the age of 11 months. This scheme should not be deferred.

Subsequent reminders:

  • at 6 years old: one dose of DTCaPolio vaccine;
  • between 11 and 13 years old: one dose of TcaPolio15 vaccine;
  • at age 25: one dose of dTcaPolio, or, if the person has received a dose of whooping cough vaccine for less than 5 years, one dose of dTPolio;
  • at age 45: one dose of dTPolio;
  • at age 65: one dose of dTPolio;
  • at 75, 85, etc. (ten-year interval beyond age 65): one dose of dTPolio.

Who is the inventor of the tetanus vaccine?

Jonas Edward Salk, an American biologist, is the inventor of the first vaccine against poliomyelitis. Gaston Ramon developed the first effective vaccine against diphtheria in 1923. The tetanus vaccine was developed by Pierre Descombey in 1924.

Is the tetanus vaccine compulsory?

The primary vaccination (two injections followed by a booster) is compulsory for all children born on or after January 1, 2018.

Does the DTP vaccine contain aluminum?

“All the marketed vaccines DTPolio and DTPpoliocoqueluche contain aluminum as an adjuvant”, explains Dr. Marc Druet.

When to call back?

And recall is mandatory at 11 months and reminders are recommended to 6, 11-13, 25, 45 and 65, then every 10 years. Some healthcare professionals and medical students also need to be vaccinated. The DTP vaccine is available in pharmacies and recommended for the rest of the population.

What to do if you forgot to do the reminder of the tetanus vaccine?

“In the event of a forgotten reminder, you must resume vaccination where it left offrespecting the ages at more or less 5 years. For example, a vaccine booster given at age 28 (less than 5 years compared to 25) can be repeated at age 45 but if it was given at age 33 (+5 years compared to 25) it must also be redone at 45″ says the general practitioner.

What are the possible reactions after the vaccine?

“After vaccination, feverish and painful reactions at the injection site can occur but they have become much rarer thanks to the reduction in the valences used in vaccines”, reassures Dr. Marc Druet.

What is the price of the DTP vaccine? Is it reimbursed?

  • Infanrix Tetra®: €14.03 (65% refunded)
  • Boostrixtetra®: €22.71 (65% refund)
  • Repevax®: €22.71 (65% refunded)
  • Tetravac-acellular®: €14.03 (65% refunded)

Thanks to Dr Marc Druet, general practitioner.

Sources: ANSM public drug database / 2022 vaccination schedule

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