My 3 12 months previous daughter is shedding her hair, ought to I be frightened?

My 3 12 months previous daughter is shedding her hair, ought to I be frightened?

Mother’s query:

I noticed whereas brushing my 3 12 months previous daughter’s hair that there was so much left on her brush… She does not have very thick hair, ought to I be frightened if she loses it?

The reply of our knowledgeable Emilie Eyssartier, medical director of Biloba

Hair loss in infants

Hair loss in toddlers underneath 6 months is linked to hormonal modifications, which happen through the first months of their life… We are able to subsequently now not think about that it’s the identical phenomenon at 3 years previous. Nonetheless, hair loss in younger youngsters is just not distinctive. It may be linked to many elements, the commonest at this age are:

Why can a baby lose their hair?

– Ringworm, a fungal an infection. Simply recognizable, it causes hair loss that’s most frequently localized and round.

– Alopecia areata, an autoimmune illness whose origin is poorly recognized, however might be partly genetic

– A vitamin deficiency, even when this trigger is sort of uncommon in Western international locations

– Trichotillomania (the kid pulls out his hair), nonetheless fairly uncommon in a 3-year-old baby

– Or perhaps a psychological trigger: youngsters who’re victims of abuse or emotional deprivation can lose their hair, for instance.

Tips on how to react after we discover hair loss in our baby?

The perfect, while you observe vital hair loss in a baby, is to take inventory with an expert, with a view to reply varied inquiries to establish the trigger: how lengthy has the hair loss been? did she begin? Is it localized or diffuse? Brutal or power? What does the scalp seem like? Are you seeing hair regrowth? The measures to be taken to advertise hair regrowth rely on the reason for hair loss. A session is beneficial with a view to arrange acceptable care if obligatory.

In case of hair loss in a 3 12 months previousyou will need to search for a doubtlessly treatable trigger (fungal an infection specifically) to cease it. Applicable antifungal remedy, vitamin supplementation, or typically corticosteroid injections within the occasion of alopecia areata are most frequently efficient. Equally, if the hair loss is expounded to a psychological issuethe administration of this one makes it potential to look at a regrowth of hair. Don’t hesitate to seek the advice of a psychologist or a baby psychiatrist, relying on the scenario.

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