More beautiful life: the actors reveal new images of the last episode, big emotion!

More beautiful life: the actors reveal new images of the last episode, big emotion!

This is news that had upset the fans of Plus belle la vie. A few months ago, they learned that the series was going to end. The actors have already begun to reveal several images of the last episode.

The end of an iconic series

Since August 23, the filming of the special prime of Plus belle la vie has begun. The latter will end on September 14. On occasion, many actors have moreover celebrated the last episode of the series.

In a press release, France 3 has also unveiled the list of all the actors of Plus belle la vie present for this amazing evening. Some actors who left the program years ago were also there.

This is particularly the case of Geoffrey Sauveaux (Lucas Marci), David Baiot (Djawad Sangha) but also Ambroise Michel (Rudy Torres). Many have also taken advantage of this moment to celebrate their reunion.

Several shared images of this evening on their social networks. First, Jérôme Bertin alias Commissioner Patrick Nebout shared a photo on his Instagram account. He showed up with his entire fictional family.

The last memories of Plus belle la vie

For his part, Stéphane Hénon alias Boher, posted a video. He decided to immortalize several moments alongside different actors and members of Plus belle la vie. A sequence that will not fail to remind him of memories in a few years.

Anne Decis alias Luna Torres in Plus belle la vie also posted a photo with her co-stars. She appeared alongside Stéphanie Pareja (Jeanne Carmin), Ambroise Michel (Rudy Torres) But also Cécilia Hornus (Blanche Marci) and Elodie Varlet (Estelle Cantorel).

In an interview with Allo Ciné, Anne Decis had also reacted to the judgment of Plus belle la vie. At first, she confided to our colleagues: I was sad and disappointed when I heard the news”.

Before adding: “But I wasn’t angry. Because I’ve always considered that Plus belle la vie was something temporary that lasts. So I worked on other projects. I have a jewelry brand. I do theater” .

On the other hand, the actress thinks of the public. She revealed: “However, I find this stop is a shame because the public is still very attached to the series. And they show it to us. However, I took note of this decision which is not mine. I respect her. And life goes on “.

“We are sad to leave each other”

Anne Decis is also very sad to leave her family of Plus belle la vie. She explained: “We are especially sad to leave each other. Because there is a know-how that has been acquired in 18 years ».

“We have incredible premises, extraordinary sets. And it’s a real family. Besides, that’s the reputation we have. When new actors arrive on the set, they are very quickly integrated”.

The Plus belle la vie actress said: “They don’t want to leave anymore. There is an atmosphere that is very special on the set. People always find it a bit crude to say that we are a family.

She still confessed to Allo Ciné: “But everyone who sets foot on set realizes that very quickly”. One thing is certain, the end of Plus belle la vie is not easy for everyone!

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