Monkeypox: vaccination of contact cases

Monkeypox: vaccination of contact cases

Vaccination against Monkeypox is open in pre-exposure to all exposed audiences, in particular to MSM and/or TDS. The fact remains that contact cases of infected persons must also continue to be informed of the importance of being vaccinated post-exposure and this as soon as possible. Research on this post-exposure vaccination is currently underway. AIDES is a partner as a member of the scientific council of this research coordinated by Professor Jade Ghosn of Bichat Hospital in Paris. The objective is to assess the effectiveness of post-exposure vaccination. Open in four centers in Paris (Bichat, Saint-Antoine, Pitié-Salpêtrière, Hôtel Dieu) and in the University Hospitals of Rennes, Bordeaux and Nantes, this research consists of a visit on D0 accompanied by vaccination, two follow-up visits at 7 and 14 days and a final visit at 28 days with booster vaccination. Participation is compensated 100 euros (in total). If you are a contact case yourself or if you know a contact case person who should benefit from a post-exposure vaccination, it is suggested that you write to Dr Liem Binh Luong (liem.luong “@” , who is piloting the study and who will be able to organize rapid care, with a proposal for inclusion in the study, in one of the centers concerned.

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