Michel Sardou evokes without taboo his beautiful heritage in Touche pas à mon poste!

Michel Sardou evokes without taboo his beautiful heritage in Touche pas à mon poste!

If the TPMP program is used to receiving all types of guests, it is not Michel Sardou who is expected the most. However, he was there last Monday. And her appearance on the show wasn’t all quiet. In effect, he was very angry with the government and all taxes. We’ll explaine everything here.

Michel Sardou, a man of character

Michel Sardou is a talented artist, but a man with a strong character. And while it may appeal to some, it may make others tremble. And indeed, this is not the kind of person we want in front of us during a debate. Thus, the latter took place in the TPMP talk show for its comeback.

As viewers have seen during his participation, Michel Sardou still does not have his tongue in his pocket. And of course, it was made on purpose that the subjects on which it was launched were thorny. This is how he was questioned about Jean-Luc Mélenchon. A man that Michel Sardou appreciates very little. Indeed, the politician asked the artist to leave the country if he became prime minister. The singer states that “Imagine the guy he thinks we’re pulling out to get some dough in the Caribbean. I have two things: one house in normandy and one apartment in paris… And an Porsche”.

Michel Sardou also reminded that all his taxes remain paid in France “I’m not a thief, I’ve never had a problem, I’ve never been pissed off. So I pay way too much tax in my opinion, That, I say frankly. But on the other hand, I also earn a lot of wheat, so I have to pay taxes. So I don’t mind”.

The rant

In any case, for Michel Sardou, the reflection of Jean-Luc Mélenchon is still not digested. He thus states that “I’m not leaving… It’s not because Mélenchon will be Prime Minister. And it never will be… Me alive. I will not hide my wheat. If France becomes what Mélenchon is, who since his return from South America has been chanting ‘La Revolucion, la Revolucion…’ We don’t need to hold demonstrations right now, to e**erd people who work. It is not worth adding to it, there he is promoting the revolution, that it’s good for colombiabut we are not in Colombia”. Enough to dispel any doubts that may have been present.

Michel Sardou also took the opportunity to talk about his great friend Johnny. But unfortunately, before the pioneer of French music disappeared, there was an altercation between the two men. Indeed, then these two friends who considered themselves brothers shared the stage, the conflict broke out. It all started with a little joke from Michel Sardou but which Johnny really didn’t appreciate about his daughters. “When you do an improvisation, the words come out before the thought. He took it badly, but for his children. Well, we stopped there. we could never get closer. More, It’s my faultso he was right! ”.

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