Mask Singer: Did Yoann Riou break the rules of the game? His cash response

Mask Singer: Did Yoann Riou break the rules of the game? His cash response

This Tuesday, August 30, Yoann Riou was eliminated and therefore unmasked in Mask Singer. The sports commentator, who was hiding under the costume of the genius, was strongly criticized for his behavior during the game. He explained it and made a point.

This is an event that viewers did not expect at all. This Tuesday, August 30, for the second evening of Singer MaskCamille Combal has welcomed new characters on the set of TF1. In addition to the bride, the turtle, the koala, the monkey and the knight, the faithful of the program got to know the genius. The character, very fitand amazed Kev Adams, Chantal Ladesou, Vitaa and Jeff Panacloc singing in korean the tube Gangnam Style by Psy.

At the end of his performance, the candidate was so enthusiastic that he unfortunately revealed his identity by turning around when he heard that his name was mentioned or by speaking with his real voice to the host. Big dumplings that made Cyril Hanouna’s former sidekick and the four investigators laugh, but that annoyed many internet users.

Yoann Riou happy with his performance despite his elimination

His identity being revealed, Yoann Riou ended up being eliminated and unmasked. Not enough to disappoint the sports commentator. “I lived this three billion percent adventurehe assured TV Mag. The viewers saw only one evening but this experience actually extended over a period of four months. Training started in March and we shot in June. It was a fabulous epic because I came across a fantastic production team. Every week, for a few months, I went to a secret apartment hidden away in Paris where I met up with Marie Christelle Oglaend, the show’s artistic producer, and Alexandra Chabane, the vocal coach. We met about fifteen times and we formed a small family“. Accused of havingruined the game by many viewers or for breaking the rules of Singer Mask, Yoann Riou wanted to make a big update.

For him, he is not “went against the rulesbut simply followed his instincts. “I am nature painting ! Camille, I adore him so much that, when I see him, I tell him that we are going to have funhe explained. This is one of the best laughs of my TV career.. If I had decided to shut up, I wouldn’t have been myself. The, i was genuineas people know me in life. It is for this reason that I experienced a kind of state of grace in this prime. The moment Camille calls me on the set by my first name and I turn around, I was boozing up in my costume. It’s not a football World Cup… We’re here to have a good time. Besides, no one said anything to me in the headset. During the shooting, I felt so happy… I was flying, and I didn’t know where I was anymore! And it’s great cause it’s times like these that we let go“. A very surprising explanation.

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